How do I calculate conductivities

Resistance R and conductance G

In an experiment, a copper and a carbon rod were used to determine the difference between the electrical resistance R and the electrical conductance G.

attemptCopper rodCarbon rod
free electronsmuchlittle
Conductor propertiesgood (conductor material)bad (resistor material)
Resistance valuesmalllarge

A consumer with a small resistance conducts the current well and therefore has a high conductance. A consumer with a large resistance conducts the current poorly and therefore has a low conductance.
The greater the resistance R, the smaller the conductance G. The greater the conductance G, the greater the current I.

Formula symbol

The symbol of the conductance is the capital G.

Unit of measurement

The unit of measure for the conductance is Siemens (S). Usually the values ​​are given in millisiemens (mS) or microsiemens (µS).

Siemens1 p1 p100 S.
Millisiemens1 mS0.001 S10-3 S.
Microsiemens1 µS0.000 001 S10-6 S.

In American literature, the unit Mho is sometimes used instead of Siemens (S) (reverse spelling of Ohm).

Calculation formulas

The conductance is the reciprocal of the electrical resistance R.

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