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Sex fantasies of women: This is the top 5 for wild mental cinema

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Researchers working with psychologist Terri Fisher from Ohio State University have found: It is true that men still depend on us when it comes to cinema in their heads if they think about sex an average of 34 times a day. But we women can still keep up quite well: After all, we have sex in our head 19 times a day. That's about once an hour - quite a respectable number. But what exactly are we thinking of?

British professor Brett Kahr * wanted to know exactly what women imagine when it comes to cinema in their heads. He asked over 19,000 men and women about their sex fantasies. What things do we particularly like to imagine? There are five favorites that make most ladies dream, according to his study. Here are the top 5 female sex fantasies!

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1. Sex fantasies of women: Willing and willing

The first erotic female fantasy has it all: A quarter of women have sex fantasies in which dominance and submission play a decisive role. Since 'Shades Of Gray' at the latest, everyone can imagine something under it. The book's sales figures speak for themselves: women find the game of dominance and submission quite exciting and hot. No wonder that bondage sets with cuffs (available here at Amazon *) or handcuffs are among the favorite toys of many couples.

Danger: Not every woman who dreams of being docile in bed or who has other violent fantasies wants the whole thing to happen for real. Usually it's just the idea that turns on. You should try it out with the right partner to see if it actually fits your own sex life - and say 'stop' if it does cause you discomfort.

What about the reality? This test tells you how dominant or submissive you really are in bed!

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2. Sex fantasies of women: the hot threesome ... or foursome ...

A threesome is also on the list of our favorite erotic sex fantasies. However, group sex is not as popular with women as it is with men: Ten percent of women dream of having sex with several men, with men it is a proud 60 percent who find several women in bed extremely good.

Multi-person sex has the potential for various hot games and techniques - the opportunities for sexual stimulation are simply much greater with more than one person involved. That alone is reason enough for hot threesome or foursome fantasies. With group sex there is also that hint of anonymity.

Do you want to make your fantasy a reality? Then you will find out the most important rules for a brisk threesome here.

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3. Women's Sex Fantasies: Being watched by others

Also surprising to hear: In their fantasy, 22 percent of women find it exciting to be caught or even watched by others during sex. So a bit of voyeurism and exhibitionism are definitely part of the female head cinema.

4. Sex Fantasies of Women: The Lust in Power

Not only submission, no, also dominant behavior in bed is an erotic dream of women. Be it that the partner is at the mercy of the woman and she can do whatever she wants with him, or fantasies in which the woman makes clear statements to him, gives orders, chastises or lets beg for mercy.

Precisely because the man is traditionally in control of the bed, it seems to be the dream of many women to turn the tables and say what is done and what is not. The pleasure of power. This sex fantasy can also be lived out with bondage toys (there is an inexpensive set here on Amazon *).

Dominance and submission play a big role in SM practices. Would you like to try it out? Then you will find 9 tips and ideas for SM beginners here!

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5. Women's Sex Fantasies: Having sex with a stranger

The stranger in bed - this idea seems to attract an extremely large number of women. The allure of the unknown, you don't really know each other, the tension and the excitement of what it will be like with him. However, this doesn't have to frustrate men in committed relationships. Her own wife not only dreams of sex with the wild stranger, but - as the study also found - with her current partner, with whom she has uninhibited and passionate sex.

It's nice to know, dear men, that you are part of the most secret erotic fantasies of your women ...

Tip: Sex with a complete stranger is certainly very exciting, but not always a good idea. However, if you still want to live out this fantasy, you can do so with your own partner. In a role play. In this way you can combine the familiar with the charm of the unknown, foreign. With masks and different roles, the love game suddenly becomes irritatingly new and exciting.

* The study book: Brett Kahr: Sex in the head - Everything about our most secret fantasies, List-Verlag, 19.95 euros (to be bought here on Amazon*)

A little note at the end: Of course, everyone is free to find what they like beautiful and nobody should feel restricted by any guidelines. Ultimately, we should live diversity instead of chasing after some kind of ideal or uniformity. With this in mind: feel free to be as you see it right.

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