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Travel with the e-Visa

What is an e-Visa?

E-Visa is the abbreviation for electronic visa. When applying for a travel permit for a destination that requires a visa, it is not always necessary to visit the respective embassy or consulate of the country before traveling. In the case of some countries such as Azerbaijan and India, it is possible to complete the entire application process online - but not without hurdles. We know the hurdles and you can easily apply for the e-Visa via our website and we will fill out the necessary online applications for you. If entry is approved, you will receive the electronic visa by e-mail or download. When you arrive in the country of travel, present the printout of the document to the responsible officials at the airport. On site you will usually receive a confirmation in the form of a stamp or a stamp in your passport. Often it is also necessary to carry the printed travel permit with your personal data with you during your entire stay.

Which countries can you enter with an e-Visa?

What documents do I need for an e-Visa?

In order to apply for your visa on the internet, you have to fill out a digital form. In addition, you often need the following documents:

  • digital photo in color
  • Proof of hotel booking
  • Copy of the plane tickets
  • Color copy of the passport (valid for at least 6 months)

  • With book-your-visa, there are no hurdles to digital residence permits

    The required proof of hotel booking provides, among other things. poses a real hurdle in Azerbaijan. On the one hand, the authorities do not accept booking documents from booking portals. On the other hand, not every accommodation is entitled to issue such a letter. Language barriers also make the issuing process more difficult for travelers, because the online application for Azerbaijan visas is currently only available in the national language or in English. Checking and changing information afterwards is also very complicated. You also need a valid credit card.

    So that you - to stick to the example - do not have to go the detour via the Azerbaijan Embassy in Berlin, our visa service will issue you the electronic visa quickly and securely. In addition, we can help you with proof of hotel booking. You can easily upload the documents mentioned above or those listed by us on our website or send them to us. In this way you can get your travel permit without any hurdles - of course for other travel destinations as well.

    Is the online visa available for all travel purposes?

    The issuance of electronic visas is limited to some countries and certain types of visas. Most of the time, the digital versions are only available for tourist travel purposes or business visas. In addition, the duration of the trip is limited. For example, if you intend to work, study or research in the destination country, the e-Visa is not sufficient.