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The 5 best explainer video tools 2021 - do-it-yourself software

Are you looking for an inexpensive and efficiently created explanatory video? We introduce you to the 5 best explanatory video tools to make yourself and present you with software that you can use to get started right away.

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Don't we all want that: Explain our product or service in such an efficient way that our target group can quickly get an idea of ​​it and is immediately enthusiastic.

Easier said than done.

But that is exactly what explanatory videos are ideal for, because:

Now the days when font size twelve was the measure of all things on presentation slides are definitely over. Instead are lively animations and rousing storytelling is the order of the day.

With the help of a video, you can convey your topic in an entertaining and sustainable manner within a few minutes. Here we have already presented the best explanatory videos 2020, from which you can be inspired.

Successful explanatory video for ImmobilienScout24, produced by Mynd.

So far so good. And how do you start your explanatory video project?

Create an explanatory video - Here's how.

There is now a whole range of options Explanatory video tools on the market, from limited templates with watermarks to tools with almost unlimited design options. But before we introduce our top 5 to you, let's first clarify the requirements.

Do I not have to be a professional for this?

With the help of the software products available today, it is entirely possible for you to create your own explanatory video yourself. You don't have to be able to draw or be an animation expert.

You should consider the following steps if you want to make your explainer video yourself:

Create a gripping story tailored to your target group. Make sure you have a round arc of suspense in the story that will keep your audience happy.

Choose a color scheme and design that matches your company's identity and appeals to your viewers.

Use characters, symbols, pictures, graphics and animations in a consistent style to visualize your story.

Use background music and sound effects to accompany your explanations.

Voice Over:
Record a professional narrator who will provide your video with the appropriate dubbing.

The various tools usually offer tutorials or accompanying instructions that will help you create your explanatory video. However, plan enough time for familiarization. You may already find videos on the Internet that explain the programs in a playful way and have a few tips ready for you.

Are the explainer video tools free?

In most cases, explainer video software is not free - and if so, then with many restrictions. Some providers offer a free version, but this is different due to the video quality and the integrated tool branding for private use only suitable. With others, you can use the free trial period to familiarize yourself with the tool. In order to be able to download the result in a usable form, you have to upgrade for a fee in any case.

For an annual subscription, costs per month in euros:

  • Powtoon: 79
  • My Simpleshow: 70
  • VYOND: 265 per year. So about 22 per month.
  • Animaker: 17
  • Biteable: 13

With a monthly subscription, costs per month in euros:

  • Powtoon: 17
  • My Simpleshow: 129
  • VYOND: 43
  • Animaker: 31
  • Biteable: 17

Weigh your resources.

So be aware that you are can only create videos as good as the scope of the software and your own capabilities allow.

If you feel unsure about the implementation of the above-mentioned tasks or, for example, you do not have the right equipment for high-quality voice recording, it is best to seek advice from a professional agency that specializes in creating explanatory videos.

Even if the production costs here clearly exceed those of the explanatory video software, the investment usually pays off: In almost all areas of the company, a professionally created video offers an excellent return on investment.

Create your own explanatory video using software: Overview & costs.

So now to the overview of our selected software products. Check out the infographic below for the best tools right now to help you create an explanatory video on your own.

Everything at a glance: Our overview of the various explanatory video tools in 2020.

# 1 PowToon - slide-based software with a wide selection.

Powtoon is software known for creating simple yet compelling explanatory videos in a variety of styles. Choose one of the ready-made templates that is suitable for your project and then edit it according to your ideas (text, figures, etc.)

Compared to other explanatory video software products, this gives you a strikingly large selection of characters and designs to disposal.

Company presentation of InstaGoLocal / Zeggys, created with PowToon.

However, users often describe Difficulty selecting and editing objects. It also takes some tinkering before you can work with the thumbnails along the timeline.

Requires training: the PowToon user interface.

# 2 MySimpleshow - the first draft in a hurry.

If you want to save time most of all, this is MySimpleshow a good choice. The tool guides you step-by-step through the creation of a script that can even be read out automatically by a computer speaker's voice. Alternatively, you can upload your own voice-over text file.

 MySimpleshow explains the German Music Council.

Automation is all well and good, but it works strict scheme in the long run one-sided and is limited to hand animations in a black and white look. In addition, the automated voice is often not one hundred percent synchronized with the image and, due to its computer character, can only be used to a very limited extent in a professional environment.

Tidy and quickly learned: the MySimpleshow user interface.

# 3 Vyond - Easily create animated cartoons.

With Vyond, which until recently was called GoAnimate, you can animate whatever it takes. First you decide on a style and then choose from one Variety of characters and associated emotions. You can even make your own characters to make your videos more recognizable.

 Accompany created its explanatory video with Vyond.

Given the many features However, as a beginner it is easy to lose track of things. So if you decide to use this tool, plan enough time to familiarize yourself with it.

Requires a lot of training: the Vyond user interface.

# 4 Animaker - The individualist.

In many ways, the Animaker and PowToon appearances are similar. However, the Animaker's timeline is a lot more user-friendly and overall you have noticeably more control over the actions and movements of your objects.

An explanatory video by Animaker for International Women's Day.

Through the many freedomsthat Animaker offers you when it comes to creating explanatory videos, is the tool accordinglycomplex. Here, too, you are well advised to invest a few hours in tutorial watching and learning the functions. When it comes to transitions between the individual frames and scenes, the software also lags a bit and therefore only provides results that can be used externally to a limited extent.

Animaker User Interface: Functions need to be learned first.

# 5 Biteable - “The world's simplest video maker”.

At least this is the motto with which the Australian software adorns itself - but with good reason. With Biteable you have created your first video in just a few well-guided steps, which you can navigate through in a user-friendly manner using the timeline. By sensibly grouped designs and graphics keeps your video in a consistent style. You also have ready-made color palettes and audio content for your videos.

 Example of a product presentation with Biteable.

But simplicity has its drawbacks - this is where you will be by far not so much individual design freedom as with other tools. With Biteable it will only be possible to a limited extent to give your videos a particularly personal touch and to clearly explain the benefits of your product or service.

Biteable user interface: simple but limited.

Create an explanatory video yourself or hire a professional?

So: Do ​​you want the conversion rate of your landing page through theIncrease the use of an explanatory video by up to 80%? Especially with a limited budget and limited time, the tools presented offer a good opportunity to create your own explanatory film on the fly.

At this point, however, consider what effect you would like to achieve with your video. Because it is extremely worthwhile to invest in quality when creating a video. 

According to a Google study, 75% of the surveyed YouTube users share company videos with their friends if they liked them.

So ask yourself the honest question of whether you are in Creatively and in terms of time, are able to edit the video required for this themselves.

Despite numerous features and prefabricated objects Self-made explanatory videos are far from reaching the level of quality that professional explanatory video providers can guarantee.

Starting with the conception: Explanatory video providers, especially in terms of things more creativeConcept work bring a lot of energy and experience with you, can provide you with enormous added value.

Because you are already in the middle of it yourself. If you now create your explanatory video and the associated script yourself, the mandatory "Operational blindness"and your inner view of enormous abstraction ability to create the perfect presentation for your own product or service in video format on your own.

On the other hand, if you simply formulate your briefing, including your objectives, and hire an explanatory video specialist, you will most likely get ideas that you would not have come up with yourself - keyword: Out-of-the-box.

The increased quality through an external production company can of course also be seen in the actual implementation of the explanatory video in addition to the concept.

Professionally produced explanatory film for Deutsche Bahn, created by Mynd.

A video style individually tailored to your topic and your CI, fluid and creatively inspiring animations, a professional speaker, perfect background music and sound effects: the chance that you will achieve your goals with a professionally produced explanatory video and inspire your viewers is many times higher .

If you want to take this path, it is best to get advice from a professional explanatory video agency without obligation.

And if you would like to produce your explanatory video yourself using software tools, which as described in this article is an absolutely legitimate way to enter the world of explanatory videos, we wish you every success with your project!