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Oracle is a software company best known for its database system. The main product groups from Oracle are databases, developer tools, Oracle Fusion Middleware and E-Business Suite (ERP / CRM system). Oracle offers completely integrated operating software and hardware systems for optimizing operating processes. The operating systems are Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux, which are also scalable. Storage is possible both on site and in the cloud. There is a very extensive range of Oracle training courses, for example the Oracle VM training course, in which you run your applications in a virtual environment, or the Oracle SOL course, in which you learn to work with the SQL query language for Oracle. In the Oracle Apex course you develop web applications that are based on an Orcale Database and in an Orcale Spatial course you learn how to work with a set of functions and procedures with which spatial data is stored. There are also Oracle BPM and Oracle DBA, Oracle Designer and Oracle E-Business Suite. Would you like to know which training is best for you? Then get in touch with our specialist in the field of continuing education.

  • With Oracle VM you can start both Oracle and non-Oracle applications in a virtual environment. During the Oracle VM course you will come into extensive contact with this virtualization software and learn to install and manage it. In the course you create your own Oracle ... [more]
  • In the Oracle SQL course you learn to work with the extensive possibilities of the query language SQL for Oracle. You will learn how to make complex selections, how to manipulate data, and how to create views and transactions. You will also go into Oracle-specific options. You more]
  • In the Oracle BPM Suite training you will learn how to use the Oracle Business Process Management Suite for your process management. During the training you will design, test and simulate processes as the end user. After successful participation you use the Oracle BPM Suite for your process management, in ... [more]
  • In companies there is a continuous need for a fast, flexible and targeted information supply. Use the Oracle Reports Developers Suite to design, build and manage reports quickly and effectively. In the Oracle Reports Developer course you will learn how to work and how ... [more]
  • The Oracle Solaris Administrator course teaches you to install and fully manage Oracle Solaris. Oracle Solaris is a business for operational and cloud applications with high requirements. Oracle Solaris 11 is optimized for Oracle and third party programs. After successfully participating in the ... [more]
  • SQL is a standard language for a relational database. During the course Oracle SQL for SQL users you will learn in detail how to work with the Oracle-specific SQL possibilities. You start independently with PL / SQL, an extension of SQL for Oracle and SQL Developer. [more]
  • Oracle Application Express (Apex) is a software development tool with which you can quickly develop web applications based on an Oracle database. Apex has been a standard part of this database software since version 11g. In the Apex Professional course you will learn about the Apex development platform ... [more]
  • Oracle Spatial is an integrated set of functions and procedures with which spatial data is stored in an Oracle database, made accessible and analyzed quickly and efficiently. During the Oracle Spatial course, you will learn to work independently with Oracle Spatial. [more]
  • In the Oracle DBA course you will learn how to install, configure and manage an Oracle database. [more]
  • In the course Oracle PL / SQL you will learn the procedural Oracle database programming language. By learning how to program in a database, you increase your possibilities immensely. [more]
  • Oracle BI Publisher is a tool that allows you to easily design, build, and manage reports. During the Oracle BI Publisher training, you will work with a number of sample reports that cover many aspects of Publisher's functionality. Your practical experience regarding ... [more]
  • Java is a flexible, powerful programming language that you can use to create platform-independent applications. During the Java Professional Training you will quickly become a professional Java programmer. You will learn to design and implement an object-oriented application ... [more]
  • In the Zend Framework training you, as an experienced PHP programmer, can work quickly and practically with the Zend Framework. The training includes the installation of the framework, the MVC design pattern, databases, authentication and authorization, caching, searches, web services, JavaScri ... [more]