What is an Application Support Manager

IT outsourcing, application management and application support. Technical terms from a job advertisement in the IT industry that sound interesting, but may also raise questions. But what is application support anyway?

The number and variety of application software (applications) used within a single company has increased continuously in recent years. New software solutions are being developed and new technologies are conquering the market. Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of both observing and comparing this flood of IT innovations, as well as implementing them in their own company in the subsequent step and managing the complex applications there. Correspondingly, companies are starting to outsource IT tasks that were originally carried out themselves to external service providers. In particular, HR applications (payroll accounting, personnel administration), applications from finance and accounting and, with an increasing trend, also industry-specific applications are transferred to external IT service providers.

Application support is often such an “outsourced” service. Application support is a sub-area of ​​application management and includes long-term maintenance, support and further development of individual IT applications in a company based on clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs).

The advantages of outsourcing and thus of application support are:

  • better predictability of IT costs
  • Outsourcing of risks to the outsourcing provider
  • Saving your own IT specialists
  • Relief of the human resources (procurement, advanced / advanced training of IT staff)
  • Concentration on the company's core business

According to the latest surveys of the PAC Radar Kurzreport (2010) (http://www.competence-site.de/application-management/PAC-RADAR-Kurzreport-Fuhrende-Service-Provider-fur-Application-Management-Deutschland-2010) the market volume for application management in Germany is valued at a total of 2.7 billion euros per year. The market for stand-alone application management in detail, to which application support can be assigned, reached a volume of 1.4 billion euros in Germany in 2010. A large market that is also very much in flux and offers professional opportunities and numerous opportunities for further development.