Where can you hire Soeldner in Skyrim

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    Hearthfire - Which Vogt did you choose?

    To be honest, I am surprised that there are various "who-have-you-married" threads, but none on this topic. The question of who makes you bed in the morning should be just as important as who you share it with at night.
    What it is about should be clear to everyone, write which Vogt you have chosen and why.

    So I heard that you can hire a companion as a steward, my first thought was: Brelyna Maryon. One of my favorite NPCs and possible companion. Unfortunately, she also had the habit of giving her academy sentences as bailiff, which quickly gets on your nerves. Therefore, it was clear to me during this run that I had to choose a new governor (and then the idea for this thread came to me).

    It should definitely be a magician again, for two reasons:
    First, the duties of a steward (hiring staff, managing the household, writing tax returns, etc.) require a certain level of intelligence, and magicians usually have the most of these.
    And secondly, my Char is also a magician and would therefore not be happy to have to live with an ax-wielding barbarian.
    When browsing through the Vogt list, I only discovered NPCs who met my requirements: Marcurio and Illia. The former, however, was only a hired mercenary and therefore nobody to whom one entrusted his home.
    There was only Illia left. So I traveled to the dark light tower and found that it was just perfect. Not necessarily because of their character or skills, but because of their post-quest situation. I found the thought that a companion would leave his old home for the rest of his life just because I ask him to do so a bit strange. Illia, however, no longer has a home, so the whole thing seems like a kind of beginning of a new life for her.
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    Before I rummage around for a long time and wonder who to hire as Voigt, I'll just make it up for myself. Why have more people in the house unnecessarily than necessary? So the huscarls are usually declared a voigt.
    The spouses, who are usually also companions with me, are out of the question, because they are out with my characters and therefore have no time to take care of the house and yard
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    I grabbed vilkas.

    If I'm on the road for the thieves' guild, or if I'm of the opinion that my little bear deserves a few days of rest, then I leave him in the company of his brother. The two are very close to each other, have known each other for a lifetime, and now that the Companions quest line is over, they get along much better. Vilkas is an honest and intelligent man who does his job as bailiff excellently, I couldn't ask for a better one !!!
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    I always hire those who will come with the house, for example Rayya in the Lakeview house, and I have not regretted it yet. They do their job well and are not afraid to defend it with armed force - that's all it takes and is sometimes sorely needed.

    If I really think about the distribution of tasks, then I assume that the more "domestic" matters are taken care of by the residents themselves. Besides, Hyz and Farkas still have their own home with me in the Breezehome, which they don't move out of either. The three self-built houses are for other NPCs: in Lakeview Manor, for example, my self-made Bosmer family lives (each of which has offered me to be bailiff ... ), I basically push all the housecarls into the house with Morthal, including the adopted children. And the bad guys come to the third house ... My two very seldom stay there, so the perfect steward is really not important to me.

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    Originally Posted by Blaidd
    Vogt? Nothing. It might sound strange, but I don't like anyone wandering around my house. That's why I don't adopt children, and it is extremely rare for me to get married.
    Unfortunately, you usually have the bad luck that if you become Thane you also get a huscarl, whether you want it or not. AND if he is already buzzing around the house and there is enough space (not like in the Brisenheim or Honigheim), then he can do double the work
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    Originally Posted by Blaidd
    Vogt? Nothing. It might sound strange, but I don't like anyone wandering around my house. That's why I don't adopt children, and it is extremely rare for me to get married.
    The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadoption is really nice, and there is a girl in Windhelm who has lost her parents and is now trying to keep her head above water by selling flowers. I'm sorry for the little one, but the misery is that the girls all look the same, and if I saw them jumping around in one of my houses, I immediately thought of this disgusting brat from Weisslauf, I think her name is Braith ... ..
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