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We want to stay connected - A recent survey has shown that every second passenger between 30 and 49 years of age wants to be connected to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or Whatapp for business or pleasure, and needs an internet connection on board the airlines . Not all airlines offer an Internet connection yet, some companies are in the implementation phase, but some of the big players in the air are true pioneers, because one thing is clear: in the future, passengers will choose the companies that have the necessary technology On board the machines for a comfortable flight with WiFi is available.

Internet at Lufthansa

The largest airline in Germany, Lufthansa is one of the pioneers for Internet on board long-haul aircraft. There is the possibility of dialing in via a Telekom hotspot. One hour costs nine euros and four hours are billed at 14 euros. An internet connection for the entire duration of the flight costs up to 17 euros. Anyone who collects miles with Miles and More can also pay for WiFi access with award miles. The miles are debited from the Miles and More account in scales of 3500, 4500 and 5500 miles.

Free WiFi with Qatar Airways

Surfing on board a Qatar Airways aircraft is free for at least the first 15 minutes. After the free time on the Internet, another hour costs five dollars, three more hours cost $ 10. For the entire flight time you can use the internet without restrictions for 20 dollars. At Qatar Airways you will find the Internet offers in all aircraft of the Airbus A 350 and A 380, in the Boeings 787 and in some aircraft of the Airbus A 319, A 320 and A 380 series. In the first class of the Airbus A 380 is the WLAN access can always be used free of charge.

Delta Airlines WiFi pass

Delta Airlines is taking a different approach and is offering passengers who use the airline all year round a WLAN pass. However, the cost of around $ 540 for the whole year is pretty high. If you only want to use the pass for one month, you can do so for an amount of $ 49.95. The airline charges $ 16.95 for 24 hour internet access. At Delta Airlines, almost the entire fleet of aircraft is equipped with WiFi on board, so that nothing stands in the way of unlimited surfing on the Internet above the clouds.

Iceland Air wireless internet

A number of Iceland Air aircraft are equipped with on-board WiFi. The connection to the Internet is via satellite and is always activated as soon as the aircraft has reached an altitude of 10,000 feet. However, there is no network coverage on some Iceland Air routes to North America, so no access is possible despite the Internet on board. The cost of online access to the Internet is based on the number of passengers who are online. This procedure is certainly unique among the airlines and can cause surprises on the credit card statement. WI-FI access is free for Saga Class passengers and Saga Gold holders.

Thai Aiways offers WI-FI

The Thai national carrier Thai Airways also offers Internet on board. However, the offer is limited to flights with Airbus aircraft. The internet offer is mainly available for flights with the Airbus A 380 and the Airbus A 330-300. Now that Thai Airways is using Airbus A350 aircraft on the routes from Bangkok to Australia, WiFi is also available. A data volume of 9 MB costs 4.50 euros, 15 MB is available for 8.20 euros, 30 MB for 15.50 euros and the data volume of 100 MB for unlimited surfing fun costs 22.90 euros.

The front runner is Norwegian

The Norwegian carrier Norwegian offers its passengers what is probably the most attractive Internet offer. Here you can surf completely on European flight connections free. According to the airline, more than 18,000 air passengers use this unique offer every day. One downer, however, is that Norwegian Internet Access is not available on international flights, for example to the USA. If the statements of the airline Norwegian are to be believed, this situation should change as soon as possible.

WIFI access at KLM

The large Dutch airline KLM has so far offered a rather manageable range of Internet access during the flight. WI-FI access is only available in the KLM Dreamliner Boeing B 787 and on board one of the B 777-300. You can dial into the Internet on board an Internet-enabled KLM aircraft via the website of the airline KLM.com. The cost for a data volume of up to 40 megabytes is an inexpensive 9.95 euros and a data volume of 120 megabytes is charged at 19.95 euros. As the airline has reported, WLAN access will soon also be available on other aircraft.

Singapore Airlines offers internet on board

The renowned airline Singapore Airlines offers data packages for surfing above the clouds in most of the Airbus A 350, Airbus A 380 and Boeings 777-300ER aircraft. Singapore Airlines offers the Internet on board in cooperation with OnAir and Panasonic. You can choose between data packages with 15 MB costing 6.99 dollars or a kind of flat rate where you pay according to the amount of time you have used the Internet access. One hour of internet on board a Singapore Airlines plane costs $ 11.95. The maximum possible is a 24 hour pass which is billed at an inexpensive $ 25.

Emirates offers 20MB for free

Emirates has an outstanding offer compared to other companies and offers passengers a data volume of 20 megabytes free of charge. The data package can be used within the first two hours after registration. After the free phase, Emirates passengers who do not have a Skywards membership can purchase a data package of up to 150 MB for $ 9.95 or opt for 500 MB for $ 19.95. For Skywards members there are reduced prices for the data packages in Economy Class, depending on the status. With a gold or platinum status, use is free of charge. In Business Class and First Class, as a Skyward member you get free access to the Internet during the entire flight.


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