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Premier League News: Aston Villa Bans Playing Online Manager Games

Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish was unavailable due to injury in the 2-1 loss to Leicester City. The Premier League club had not made this public in the run-up to the game, but the opponent still knew in advance - because of a breakdown in an online football manager game.

Aston Villa had to do without Jack Grealish in the previous Premier League game against Leicester City, who was out on short notice due to a leg injury. The actually secret injury was made public in advance through an online soccer manager game.

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Players & Supervisors throw Grealish from Fantasy Team

Opposing coach Brendan Rodgers didn't want to look too deeply into the cards and only hinted that he had heard on Saturday that Grealish "maybe" would be out. But how did this come about? It is now clear: His teammates from Aston Villa passed this information on unconsciously - and in a very curious and bizarre way.

⚠️🔻 [AVL] Multiple insiders transferred OUT Grealish!

○ [02-19] Matt Targett
○ [02-19] Conor Hourihane
○ [02-19] Neil Taylor
○ [02-19] Scott (1st Team Performance Analyst)
○ [02-18] Rob (Physio) # FPL # GW25

- FPL Insider (@insider_fpl) February 19, 2021

A Twitter bot published before the game that several players and supervisors had kicked Aston Villas Grealish from their fantasy teams. The point of this game is that you have to put together a virtual team before each game day, which then generates as many points as possible.

Grealish's teammates obviously knew about his injury and kicked him out of their virtual team because of it. Just stupid that this trade was publicly visible. So everyone could add one and one.

Smith announces consequences

Aston Villas coach Dean Smith has now also found out about this online mishap and his reaction after the game was accordingly angry: "If this comes from our own camp, then I will find out and punish it".

The club promptly imposed a ban on its players from using such online platforms as the Times reported. That will certainly have been a lesson to the fellow players at Grealish ...

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