What is biblical joy

joy - Bible lexicon

Joy is what a person longs for. He strives to find that joy, and he finds it when and only when he finds God. He keeps it as he grows in the knowledge of God. God is the author of true joy, just as he is the author of every good gift and every perfect gift. While he himself is that good gift and is above all sin, he finds his own joy in the repentance of a sinner who turns to seek him. After sin entered the world and thereby alienated man from God, his idea of ​​joy is to be as happy as possible without God and removed from him (see the prodigal son in Lk 15:11 -32). Such a course of life can only result in disappointment and bitterness in this world and eternal suffering in the hereafter. On the contrary, when the light of God's love revealed in the gift of his Son and his death hits the heart, it is immediately filled with "inexpressible and glorified joy".

"For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Romans 14:17). Moreover, the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, along with other beautiful traits, it is created in the heart of the Believers called forth by the Spirit to the glory of God. The apostle wished the Romans that the God of hope would fill them with all joy and peace in faith (Rom. 15:13). The Thessalonians too had the word in much tribulation with joy of the There are many other scriptures that could be cited to show how joy is a major characteristic of those who have been brought to God, the only person who never had to be introduced to joy in this way - because He Always found his joy in God, just as God enjoyed him - is he who is called a "man of pain". This perfect and blessed One had his own deep joy in fellowship with and in dependence on his God. He wished for his people in the world that this, his joy, would also be their part.

True joy is unknown in this world in its current state; but there will come a day when worry, suffering, death, and all the dark fruits of sin will be gone. God himself will wipe away all tears and fill the universe with unclouded and eternal joy. This day is described in Revelation 21.