How can I see if I have been blacklisted?

What should I do if my IP is blacklisted?

Let's assume that you sent an email and had a very high bounce rate, or that many of your emails were rejected. Private broadcasters can check the bounce records. The users of email providers can request it. Anyway, you have come to the conclusion that you have been blacklisted. What should you do now?

In a nutshell, what is a blacklist and who creates it? A blacklist is a virtual list of email senders that the list creator believes are spammers. The creators are anti-spam organizations like Spamhaus, which are widely seen as leaders in the fight against spam. Email providers also have their own blacklists, but you can also subscribe to Spamhaus to block even more spammers.

It's not known exactly what gets you on the list. As long as you follow email marketing best practices, you can prevent that from happening completely. The most common way to get blacklisted is to send spam. Jokes aside, the most innocent way to get at it is through neglect. Failure to clean your list, remove contacts who have unsubscribed, or keep receiving spam complaints will all result in your IP address being blacklisted and no one will receive your email. So how do you get off a blacklist?

You need to find out which blacklist you are on first. Spamhaus publishes a frequently used list, but it is not the only one. You can check which blacklist your IP address is on with websites like MXtoolbox or MultiRBL. They will review the blacklists they support and let you know which ones you are on.

Once you've identified the list you're on, you can submit a request to be removed from it. To do this, you need to visit the organization's website (if there is one) and find out where to request deletion. Sometimes the organization just asks for an IP address, others also ask for the name of the company and the reason for the request. Then it is time to wait. The organization will review your request and take whatever steps it deems appropriate. In my experience, your address will be removed from the list and I have never been denied it. To avoid being blacklisted, stick to email marketing best practices: clean your list, accept unsubscribes, and use the double opt-in process. These measures can prevent a nightmare and possibly days without email.

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