How did Trump's father, Fred, get rich

This is the Trump clan

Power, fame and a lot of money, it all describes the Trump family. US President Donald Trump is the face of the Trump clan. A large and sometimes powerful family stands behind him. Where the Trumps originally came from and why a family dispute overshadowed the US election campaign.

Grandfather Friedrich Trump

Donald Trump's grandfather is Friedrich Trump, who was born on March 14, 1869 in Kallstadt, Germany. He laid the foundation for the trump's wealth. The trained hairdresser emigrated to America with a small inheritance. There he achieved prosperity as a hotel and restaurant operator for gold prospectors through the gold rush. He briefly returned to Germany for his wedding to Elizabeth Christ Trump in 1902. The couple lived together in New York from then on. A permanent return to Kallstadt failed because Frederick Trump, as he was called in America, had not done German military service. As a result, he did not regain his citizenship and the Trumps had to leave Germany. The couple had three children: Fred Trump, John G. Trump, Elizabeth Trump Walters. Friedrich Trump was also a second cousin of Henry John Heinz, the founder of the famous food company "Heinz" (Heinz Ketchup).

Father Fred C. Trump

Donald Trump's father Fred C. Trump grew up partly in the notorious Bronx district, in a mainly German-speaking environment. After the Second World War, the family pretended to come from Sweden. In 1918, Friedrich Trump died of the Spanish flu, leaving his son an inheritance of around 30,000 US dollars (today's value: 510,000 US dollars). Fred Trump built the family's fortune tremendously. During his school days he was already working in the construction industry, helping out as a carpenter. After graduating from school, his mother founded the company Elizabeth Trump & Son for her son who was not yet of legal age. Instead of taking out expensive loans, Fred Trump sold the houses under construction before completion and used the money to finance the construction of the next property. Clever real estate deals and numerous housing projects later, mainly in New York, he had finally risen to become a multimillionaire. Fred Trump had two siblings: John G. Trump and Elizabeth Trump Walters. Fred Trump married Mary Anne MacLeod Trump in 1936.

The business of Fred Trump was critically examined by the "New York Times" 2018 in a report: Trump's father is said to have evaded taxes on a massive scale, with the help of his children. Among other things, Donald Trump is said to have received around 413 million US dollars from his father over the years. There was also a stir that Donald Trump, unlike his predecessors, refused to disclose his tax return when he took office. Trump had always contradicted the allegations.

His father Fred Trump died in 1999, the last time he suffered from Alzheimer's.

Fred Trump's brother John George Trump completely turned away from his brother and became an electrical engineer and physicist. He made an important contribution to reducing the side effects of radiation therapy for cancer patients. Donald Trump had repeatedly cited the fact that he had inherited his uncle's scientific genius. An acquaintance of John G. Trump told the newspaper "The Washington Post" that he was "appalled" by Donald Trump's so-called scientific ideas.

Little is known about Trump's aunt Elizabeth Trump Walters. She married the banker William Walter in 1929. The marriage had two children: William and John Walter. According to the New York Times, the latter is said to have worked in Fred Trump's company and took care of the finances. He passed away in 2018.

Trump's siblings

In addition to Donald Trump, the marriage of Fred and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump resulted in four other children: Maryanne (* 1937), Fred Jr. (* 1938, † 1981), Elizabeth (* 1942) and Robert (* 1948, † 2008 ). Trump's oldest brother Fred Jr. Trump was not interested in family business and became a pilot. His daughter Mary L. Trump later accused Donald Trump and her grandfather of making their father's life difficult. In 1981, Fred Jr. Trump died as a result of his alcohol addiction. Donald Trump publicly admitted pressuring his brother. Due to this family history, the US president is said not to drink alcohol to this day.

The niece of the US President Mary L. Trump , is a psychologist and published the book "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man" * in 2020. She referred to her uncle as "sociopaths" and "clown", among other things, and hardly leaves a good hair on the Trump family.

Mary accuses her uncle of cheating on her family's inheritance. Fred Trump, who is already demented, is said to have been moved by him to change his will, which Donald Trump favors. The inheritance dispute flared up decades before the disclosure book was published. Mary's brother, Frederick Trump III, fathered a child with a neurological impairment shortly after the death of Fred C. Trump. Because part of the family had contested the will, Donald Trump is said to have temporarily cut the money for the medical treatment of the child out of anger despite previous agreements. However, in the meantime he has reconciled with his nephew and he recently spoke out against his sister Mary's disclosure book. For his mentally and physically impaired son William was well taken care of financially through "the 'William Trump Medical Fund' of my aunts and uncles, Maryanne, Donald, Elizabeth and Robert; for which we are very grateful," said Frederick Trump III in the summer 2020 opposite the newspaper "The Daily Mail".

Maryanne Trump was appointed a federal judge by US President Ronald Reagan, and she retired in 2019. This ended an investigation into whether she was involved in tax evasion with the Trump family. She is a Republican and has never spoken publicly derogatory about Trump. However, she is said to have shown on audio files secretly recorded by her niece Mary, horrified about Donald Trump's actions. She is said to have told her niece that he has "no principles" and "cannot be trusted," as the newspaper "The Washington Post" reported. "What they do with the children at the border", I assume my brother "has not read my opinion on immigration" regarding court rulings. Maryanne reprimanded a judge on one case for not treating an asylum seeker with respect.

Elizabeth Trump Gray is the younger sister of Trump and keeps a low profile on herself and her private life. She married film producer James Grau in 1989 and was herself an executive at Chase Manhattan Bank. She is now retired and lives in a secluded life with her husband in Florida. Donald Trump himself said in his book "The Art of the Deal" about his sister that she was "clever but less ambitious".

To his younger brother Robert Trump Donald is said to have always had a very good relationship. Robert Trump supported his older brother in campaign appearances and was also a manager in the Trump company. "He wasn't just my brother, he was my best friend," said Donald Trump after Robert's death in 2008.

Donald Trump: His wives and his children

Donald Trump, who valued his own fortune at over $ 200 million at the age of 30, has five children himself. The children Donald Trump Jr. (* 1977), Ivanka Trump (* 1981), Eric Trump (* 1984) come from his first marriage to his wife Ivana Trump. He and his second wife Marla Maples have a daughter, Tiffany Trump (* 1993). His son Barron Trump (* 2006) emerged from his third marriage to First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump's oldest son Donald Trump Junior actively supports his father in the election campaign and fully supports him. He likes to insult his father's opponents on social media and sometimes takes even more extreme positions than Donald Trump. That earned him the title "Trumpier than Trump". He and his ex-wife Vanessa have five children. In 2018, it emerged that Trump Jr. had improperly reported a close business relationship with Texan hedge fund manager Gentry Beach. He raised millions of US dollars in 2016 for Donald Trump's election campaign and is said to have had access to the country's political leadership later in order to influence sanctions against Venezuela. That, in turn, would open up business options for him in the oil-rich country.

Trump's favorite TV channel OAN

Donald Trump Jr. is also a close friend of the wealthy Hicks family in the United States. Thomas O. Hicks Jr. is an American investor from Dallas, Texas and the son of Thomas Ollis Hicks, who, according to Forbes Magazine, has a fortune of $ 1 billion. Among other things, Hicks is a co-founder of the investment firm "Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst" and co-chair of the Republican National Committee. In May 2020 it became known that Hicks wanted to buy the TV channel OAN (One America News Network). Although OAN is the fourth largest news channel on US cable, the audience rating is far behind competitors such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. While Donald Jr. denied being involved in a possible deal, his connection with the Hicks family sparked speculation. According to media reports, the station is noticeably fond of the president even without a sale to Trump supporter Hicks. as reported by the British online newspaper "The Independent". The president praises the TV station on his social media accounts and describes the coverage as "great news, not fake news". Employees of the station have already moved to public offices and posts close to the White House. Owner Charles Herring is considered a conservative and Trump supporter, who gave his station higher ratings by broadcasting Trump rallies in 2015. "A short time later, it became the rule - we send all reports favorable to Trump and broadcast all Trump rallies live and in full," a former OAN employee told The Independent.

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Trump's oldest daughter Ivanka Trump also works in the closest political environment of her father, as does her husband Jared Kushner, who works as a political advisor in the White House. The former model and former First Vice President of the "Trump Organization" has been employed as her father's advisor since March 2017. She had to fight hard for her job, because at first her father only looked at her as a pretty blonde. He once said of his daughter: "If Ivanka wasn't my daughter, I would probably date her." In the meantime, Ivanka has won her father's trust and is said to have a mitigating influence on Donald Trump. She is considered a quiet whisperer. Ivanka was asked in an interview whether he would listen to her. "Depends on the day," she replied. Trump values ​​the loyalty of his daughter, who never rebelled, never criticized him publicly and did everything possible to correct his disheveled image.

Ivanka Trump has three children with her husband.

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Eric Trump , Donald Trump's second eldest son, is a bit out of the spotlight and keeps his private life covered. However, he is not afraid of the public, just like Donald Jr. and Ivanka, he supports his father politically and in the election campaign. He and his wife Lara Trump have two children. Former TV presenter Lara Trump also worked as a campaign advisor for Donald Trump for a while, now she is the producer and presenter of the weekly "Real News Update" webcast.

Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany Trump has hardly any significant relationship with her father and is not as in the limelight as her older half-sister. "Since Donald took office, he and Tiffany have not spoken to each other for months," a source told the US media. She was raised and raised by her mother Marla Maple in California. Most recently, however, fashion was looking to be close to her father and moved to Washington DC to study law there. Outwardly, she is considered a loyal Trump supporter who was also politically involved in her father's election campaign.

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On the outside, the marriage between Donald and Melania Trump is anything but warm and loving. Nevertheless, the first lady always stands by her husband's side to defend him in public. Even if she doesn't always agree with him and makes this known. So she spoke out in favor of wearing masks and adhering to the hygiene measures in times of Corona and showed much more compassion in this case than her husband, the President. Behind the scenes, the often ridiculed First Lady is said to have an influence on her husband and to use him from time to time.

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Their son Barron Trump is carefully guarded and shielded by Melania. How much Melania worries about him was also evident in the corona crisis when she talked about how bad it was for her that her son was also infected with the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. "Fortunately, he's a tough teenager and he didn't show any symptoms," Melania said. Due to his age, Barron Trump does not yet take on an official role in the Trump clan. The next few years will show what his future holds professionally.

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