Is an associates degree important at all

What is a German apprenticeship worth?

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The associate degree is acquired in various subjects after two years of theoretical training at a college or university.

In general, in the USA, when looking for a job, practical work experience is considered more important than any theoretical training.
And personal references from previous employers are worth more than grades on any certificates.

WES (or similar international agencies) evaluate German secondary school leaving certificate and commercial training mostly as equivalent to a high school diploma.
With a high school diploma (12-13 years of school) and training (2-3 years in more * economic * or * technical * professions) you can sometimes even knock out an associate.

If you have the green card, I would recommend highlighting your 7 years of professional experience and management position in applications - and listing your training at the end of the resume as * Highschool Diploma and Internship in XXX (job title) *.