How to say eloquent in Arabic


  • eloquent - Adj. (Advanced level) fluent in speaking, eloquent synonyms: eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, fluent in tongue Example: The politician is very eloquent. eloquent adj. (upper level) expressing something essential Synonyms:…… Extreme German

  • Eloquent - Berêdt, er, este, adj. et adv. 1) Given the gift of talking. This includes, although figurative, the eloquent signs in astrology, including Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Libra, and the 15 first degrees ... ... Grammatical-critical dictionary of the High German dialect

  • eloquent - ↑ eloquent… The great foreign dictionary

  • Eloquent - 1. To be eloquent is a wonderful gift, but to be pious is better. - Henisch, 282. 2. He is eloquent and one likes to hear. 3. Whoever is not eloquent about the wine must be a real lout. - Seybold, 186. * 4. He is as eloquent as a bailiff ... German dictionary of proverbs

  • eloquent - a) eloquent, talkative, communicative, communicative, eloquent, eloquent, quick-witted, eloquent, eloquent, ready to speak; (educational): eloquent; (coll.): did not fall on the mouth; (derogatory): talkative; (often derogatory):…… The dictionary of synonyms

  • eloquent - be | redt • eloquent / eloquent The word eloquent is a derivation from the verb bereden and like this is only written with d. In contrast, eloquent emerged as a shortening of eloquent, which is why it is written with dt ... The German spelling

  • eloquent - be · redt [bə reːt] adj; 1 able to speak effectively ≈ eloquent, eloquent: an eloquent salesman; defend oneself eloquently 2 screamed; expressive, meaningful & LT; a silence, a look, a gesture & GT; … Langenscheidt large dictionary of German as a foreign language

  • eloquent - eloquent, eloquent, eloquent ↑ speech ... The dictionary of origin

  • Eloquent - Speech ... Danske encyklopædi

  • eloquent - be | redt adj., E (ready)… Dansk ordbog