WikiLeaks is a threat to the world

Wikileaks founder : Has Julian Assange already died for the world?

Julian Assange is the face of the discovery platform Wikileaks. And so gradually it fades. Literally. Threatening. After six and a half years in the Ecuadorian embassy, ​​he is now in solitary confinement in London in the maximum security prison in Belmarsh. There is serious evidence that his life is in danger. Due to the conditions of detention and signs of “psychological torture” - UN Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer, 100 doctors, hundreds of journalists worldwide, everyone is worried, everyone is warning them. And expect governments to do something.

The one in Australia - Assange is Australian - but also the one in Germany. “I think that in Europe the following must apply: anyone who has been tortured needs help and must be able to rely on the rule of law. Neither is guaranteed with Julian Assange, ”tweeted former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. He tweets into the public speechlessness of the officials. Those who get involved are the private ones. On Wednesday there were nationwide solidarity campaigns. Also in front of the Brandenburg Gate. But that can't be all.

The expected penalty for betrayal of secrecy would be high

Assange is undoubtedly a contentious and controversial person. He is still being charged with sexual offenses from Sweden; the investigation has been discontinued. He is still being accused of having leaked documents from the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that were compromising in the US election campaign - almost in the interests of Russia - and thus helped Donald Trump to victory. The Trump administration is now demanding his extradition. The expected penalty for betrayal of secrecy would be high.

Wikileaks claims to stand by those "who want to expose unethical behavior in their own governments and companies". It was the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Expression, Frank La Rue, who defended Wikileaks years ago against allegations that it was criminal. With regard to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said that the publications did not endanger US national security. Wikileaks as a medium is an expression of free expression. One can be of the opinion that this is what must be preserved. And that above all Julian Assange urgently needs help, physically and mentally. Or has he already died for the world?

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