Do you wear socks

What it says about you when you wear crazy socks

All of which there are studies about ... but we are so taken with this one. Here it is, the information that crazy sock lovers have been waiting for all their lives.

Well, this morning you just grabbed the sock drawer at random? Tz, tz, tz ... you really shouldn't do that anymore! Because now it has even been scientifically proven that the choice of socks not only says a lot about your personality, but also has a certain effect on other people. If you love crazy socks and like to combine them with very ordinary outfits, according to the study you are one of the big winners on the scale of success.

Unusual outfits are difficult

People who dress very extravagantly on the whole are quickly perceived as birds of paradise in terms of character. This can get so far that it prevents people from wanting to get to know another person. Sounds a bit mean, but when you first meet you automatically look for common ground. They can quickly move into the background and be more difficult to recognize due to a completely "different" clothing behavior. The only exception: socks. Anyone who wears crazy socks and is otherwise dressed appropriately even benefits from the first impression.

Why socks can be weird

The only exception: people in classic fashion are allowed to let it rip with color underneath (we mean WHOLE underneath) with impunity. The crazy choice of socks is only perceived as a nuance and suggests a small eccentric vein in otherwise rather classic personalities. According to the study, people with normal clothes and funny socks are ascribed more creativity, a rebellious side and more competence. For this effect, it is completely irrelevant whether the sock wearer really is. But our socks not only make an impression on the subconscious of others, but also on our own. By proving to ourselves that we're cool enough to walk around with such flashy pieces, we're supposedly more confident of ourselves. Crazy socks are even a great self-esteem booster! Just like red lipstick by the way ...

Even Harari does

Hipster glasses are out, striped socks are in. So don't be surprised if you see a lot of smart businessmen with pink spotted stockings on the subway in the future. Let's just hope that it doesn't become so socially acceptable that the effect no longer works. It would be a shame now that we know her. Although we don't really need to be dazzling. Even Yuval Noah Harari wears crazy socks. And if that's not a good example that people with crazy socks are REALLY (and not just thought) creative, successful and competent, then we don't know either! In addition, we do not allow ourselves to be forbidden to be birds of paradise from time to time, from top to bottom. External impact or not.