What guides intuition


How our gut feeling guides us

Intuition is our ability to make decisions, perceive moods and get a feeling for situations and facts. And that without thinking too much. Colloquially, we also refer to intuition as “gut feeling”.

What is the intuition?

Our intuition is mostly unconscious. Some also refer to their intuition as the sixth sense, although this is not about supernatural powers. Everyone has their own intuition and can therefore act intuitively.

However, intuitive action is often ridiculed or dismissed as not very productive. As a rule, people prefer to trust their heads. However, this also leads to the fact that so many issues are “cerebral”. The Gut feelingdecisions Fading out completely sometimes leads to the fact that we make rational decisions, but these damage our well-being.

Intuition is not based on emotions, but on our empirical knowledge and our pattern recognition. We calculate a future vision from past situations. This happens in such a short period of time and so deeply in the subconscious that the psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer describes it as "felt knowledge".

Intuition and decisions

Intuition plays a particularly important role when it comes to decisions, creative action or contact with people. For example, it can be a flash of inspiration in the morning, an assessment of a personality or part of an important decision.

How knowledge and intuition are related

Intuition and intelligence are more closely related than you might think at first. Because only by accessing knowledge and experience can we gain intuitive inspiration.

This brings with it two insights: Firstly, experts in their field in particular can rely on their intuition. The more knowledge there is, the more likely the intuition is correct. Second, intuitive action and decision-making is particularly useful when there is no absolutely rational possibility. Because this inner compass points us in what feels like the right direction, but especially with logical problems with a clearly defined answer, intuitive action is no more than guessing.

Make decisions intuitively

Our intuition is also an important source of information when making decisions so that they feel right. Trusting your own intuition at the right moments leads to consistent decisions being made.

To do this, it is important to be in good shapeContact with your own resources to be. We find it difficult to concentrate on our skills and abilities under stress. This also means that when you are under stress, your subconscious knowledge is less accessible. This inhibits creativity, problem-solving ability and leads to decisions against your own knowledge. With a strong resilience, you can access your resources even under stress and thus allow more intuitive impressions. It is the inner resistance to stress and ensures flexible handling of difficult situations or irritations. Strengthen your resilience and learn to pay attention to and trust your own intuition in order to exploit your full potential.

Sebastian Mauritz, M.A. Systemic consulting, is one of the leading resilience experts in Germany. He is a five-time specialist author, keynote speaker, resilience trainer, systemic coach, board member in many coach and trainer associations and entrepreneur. His focus is on individual resilience and prosilence®, resilient leadership and team resilience. He is the initiator of the resilience online congress, during which he exchanges ideas with over 50 other resilience experts from various disciplines (www.Resilienz-Kongress.de).