How do I become heartless and emotionless

how can i get heartless?

Hello..Let go of your previous emotions. The term "emotional guilt" is often used to describe emotions that we have never fully processed and that keep creeping into our lives. Be honest with yourself about past emotions that are still preoccupying you. Break through patterns that you have developed in response to these emotions. Leave your comfort zone. You can then become aware of how your previous emotions influenced you and process them.[1]

You may think that you can't have bad feelings in your comfort zone, but if you never leave, then those uncomfortable emotions always hold you back. If you leave your comfort zone, then you can take control.Don't have specific expectations. If an experience or a person does not fulfill it, then it hurts you. Have as few expectations as possible about life. If you have any, define it as broadly and imprecisely as possible. This way you don't expose yourself to emotional pain for anything that doesn't go exactly as you want.

You can also make your expectations more realistic. Maybe you expect it to be warm today. You are then less disappointed than when you expect that it will be exactly 23 ° C today, that there will be a little wind and the sun will shine.Occupy yourself. You are more satisfied then. Do something that brings you closer to your goals or that benefits you. When you incentivize yourself, you are busier.[2]You can also focus your energy on work, exercise, cleaning the house, etc., rather than on emotional difficulties.Keep relationships on your terms. Let ä approach you and control you with promises, requests and apologies. Define what type of relationship you want. Only have such relationships. Control how much you invest in a relationship, etc.

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