What are your favorite physics books

What are the best books to prepare for the HAM-Nat?

Posted by Anselm Pfeiffer on 08/23/2018 | No comments

The selection of books to prepare for the HAM-Nat is very large! To get answers to the question: "Which books should I use to prepare for the HAM-Nat?" On Facebook or through friends is tedious and not very meaningful.

Much more precise are the statements of many, many former HAM-Nat veterans, who know which books actually cover the spectrum of the HAM-Nat.

To prepare for the HAM-Nat, we offer our HAM-Nat guide with three complete test simulations and the HAM-Nat e-learning. In addition to these books, there are a large number of other preparatory books, especially textbooks on the subjects of biology, chemistry, math and physics.

Take part in our HAM-Nat books survey!

Cross your way through our HAM-Nat survey in a few minutes and tell us your favorite books. The results of more than 600 survey participants will then be displayed directly to you. The survey is a win-win situation in which every participant feeds in information and in the end gains information.

Important: Please only rate the books that you really know. Please write a short review for these books. Not all questions have to be answered!

And don't worry, the survey is anonymous, it doesn't take long. Have fun cruising ;-)

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