What is the best source for personality development

Personality development as an important source of entrepreneurial success

In addition to the classic factors for growth such as a sophisticated strategy, high-performance products, high quality, innovative strength and many more, points such as personality development and corporate culture are also important sources of entrepreneurial success. The reason is obvious: the growth of the company means that the demands on entrepreneurs and employees also grow. In addition, the aspect that a company invests in its employees has a high impact on its effect as an attractive or even excellent employer.

ISOTEC anchors people as the center of trade in all of its values. ISOTEC founder and managing director Horst Becker: “Our employer mission statement sums it up: With us you can be human! At ISOTEC, it is not a question of flipping the switch to 'worker', but of bringing in one's whole nature and personality. We at ISOTEC show that being human and being successful are not in contradiction, but are mutually dependent and reinforcing. "

With this attitude, it stands to reason that ISOTEC is doing a lot to enable us employees to develop personally and to form a strong corporate culture.

Here are two specific examples:

1) With large parts of the ISOTEC headquarters, we recently held a three-day in-house seminar on Stephen Covey's bestseller: "The 7 Ways to Effectiveness - Principles for Personal and Professional Success".

Sonja Schmitz, responsible for expansion: “I was able to take a lot with me from the seminar. In addition to the basic theoretical principles, there were many practical examples and exercises to achieve sustainable success through effective action. In sparring partner groups, we deepen what we have learned, apply it in practice and thus stay on the ball over the long term. "

Tim Spiegel, former apprentice, now employed in marketing, adds: “What I learned from the 7-way seminar for myself above all is that I want to have more freedom between stimulus and reaction. In this way, for example, I can avoid a possible argument in conflict situations and then talk calmly about the problem. Even if it is not always easy, I would like to try to press the pause button more often and think about the reaction before reacting to a stimulus. "

2) Some employees of the ISOTEC headquarters deal intensively with the topic of coaching. As part of a coaching training course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge as well as the personal skills and competencies to be able to confidently and successfully design and carry out systemic consulting processes with individuals, groups or teams.

Sandra Mehlin, for example, who works in the area of ​​partner development, accompanies our franchise partners on entrepreneurial issues. Personality development plays an important role: “How often do we block our decisions through fears and beliefs, even though we already know the way and the solution? This is where my training as a systemic coach helps me. In this way I can support our partners in doing what is right for them based on their own strength and strength. "

In summary, it can be said that personal development and corporate development are two sides of the same coin. The currency of this medal: A valuable, sustainable investment in the future - for people and companies.