What is an if-then sentence?

If it's cold, I put on a jacket.

The conjunction if can introduce a conditional sentence. A conditional clause is a subordinate clause that expresses a condition. The condition is described in the subordinate clause, the consequence in the main clause:

When I'm sick, … - Condition in the subordinate clause

... (then) I stay in bed. - Sequence in the main clause

The word then you can leave out the second half of the sentence.


You can also start with the main clause:

I stay in bed when I'm sick.

In this case it falls then path.

Here are some more examples:

When it rains, I'll take an umbrella.

I take an umbrella When it rains.

When I'm in a good moodI'm singing a song

I sing a song, when I'm in a good mood.



The verb always appears in the main clause (declarative clause) Position 2. Position 1 can consist of one word, several related words or a subordinate clause:

I make a tour.

tomorrow make i take a trip.

Next week make i take a trip.

When i am free, make i take a trip.