What is the national food of Israel


Here you can find out about some of the major dishes in Israel. You know many of them from countries with Arabic cuisine.

Falafel: These are balls made from humus. Humus is a chickpea pulp mixed with sesame puree, olive oil, lemon juice and spices. This porridge is formed into balls and ends up in the fat, where it is fried. You can also pack the balls in a bread bag and serve with a salad. This originally Arabic dish is eaten by everyone in Israel, regardless of their origin.

Blintzes are sweet pancakes often filled with quark and originally come from Eastern Europe.

Hamantaschen are triangular shaped cookies that are filled with jam or syrup.

kebab is minced beef or mutton, which is also formed into balls and then fried or grilled. This is also typical Arabic food.

Creaky are dumplings filled with onions, potatoes and seasoned meat.

Also fish is very popular all over Israel, but people of Jewish faith are not allowed to eat seafood such as mussels, because these are not kosher (see also info box above). What is allowed in marine animals is what has "fins and scales".

vegetables and fruit are at the top of the menu. There are many types of vegetables and fruits in Israel. Whether oranges, kiwis, mangoes or dates, everything is usually fresh on the table.