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Films for founders - motivation and inspiration

I've been a huge movie fan since I was a kid.

Among other things, I can attribute my enthusiasm for computers to one or the other film.

But films can also bring a lot of positive things for founders and self-employed people.

In this article I present films that (not only) founders can motivate and inspire.

I also list some interesting documentation.

Motivation for founders


Why do I present films that motivate and inspire? Because this is the basis of every successful self-employment.

Without motivation you will have to force yourself to work every day. Fun and commitment in self-employment are based on a strong motivation.

Inspiration, on the other hand, creates new ideas and a creative attitude. Also important ingredients for successful self-employment.

Certain films can be very motivating and inspiring because they show how people overcome obstacles, conquer fears and in the end achieve their goals.

Are such films realistic at all? Not always, of course, but they don't have to be. It is enough if you awaken something in us and let us start the next day with more motivation and creative energy.

In the following you will find a selection of films that motivated and inspired me and some of them still do today:

  • The Social Network *
    A great film about the beginnings of Facebook and its rise to the most successful social network in the world. I find the beginnings of the film particularly inspiring. Who doesn't dream of inventing “The Next Big Thing” in their bedroom? In addition, it is very well described how Facebook is growing and what advantages and disadvantages this brings with it. But the film also shows that money changes a lot.
  • Wall street *
    A classic that at the beginning shows a perfect world in which you can make tons of money. But then it turns out that this is not the real backbone of the economy and that the protagonists (Charlie Sheen) rebel against the power of money. The film creates a good feeling and shows that you can make money without ripping others off.
  • Jerry Maguire - Game of Life *
    Sports films are often a great source of inspiration and motivation. Jerry Maguire is also a special case, as it links an athlete's story with the tough business of player consultants. The hero of the film rebels against dishonest machinations, falls deep and in the end fights his way back up. The message is never giving up and believing in your own values.
  • Aviator *
    A film about the rise of Howard Hughes. Very nice to look at and somehow motivating how the man both builds a big business and pursues his passion, flying. However, it also shows the downside of success.
  • Forrest Gump*
    A classic that is still well worth seeing today. Even if you can't identify with the main actor in a classic way, the film portrays a whole life very nicely. All the depths at which many people would be desperate and from which the main actor emerges. A film to “feel good” and to realize that most of the little things are not that important over a lifetime.
  • The pursuit of happiness*
    Life can be hard. In this “rags-to-riches” story, the main actor fights his way through and shows that you should never give up, no matter how difficult it is. Nothing is given to you in life and if you are just waiting to find an easy path to success, you will never succeed.
  • The secret of my success *
    Michael J. Fox in a typical 80s movie. From today's perspective it is of course too simple and does not really offer any depth. But at the time I found it motivating and of course also entertaining, as it showed how you can go from a small employee to a successful manager. Light entertainment, but definitely motivating.
  • Ri $ iko - The Fastest Path to Wealth *
    For many, the path to easy money is a dream. This film shows such a rise and it's actually too good to be true. The main actor has to recognize that and after a steep ascent it goes downhill again just as quickly. There are glimpses of human abysses and ailing economic morals and there is a hero who revolts against it.
  • The Silicon Valley Story *
    This film is almost documentary. It dates from 1999 and shows the beginning of Apple and Microsoft. That typical “from the garage to the market leader” story is very motivating, even if the film doesn't always stick to the facts. Such stories are what drive and motivate many founders.
  • The art of winning - Moneyball *
    A relatively new film about the manager of a US baseball team who doesn't have a lot of money and therefore seeks success with unconventional methods and decisions. The film is based on a true story and the ending shows very nicely that money is not everything in life, but that there is much more.
  • Field of Dreams *
    You have to believe in something and then pull it off no matter what the others say. This message is conveyed in the Field of Dreams and of course the hero of the story is rewarded for it at the end. Courage, idealism and confidence are qualities that start-ups also look good on.
  • The legend of Bagger Vance *
    Also a sports film that revolves around defeat and getting up again. But not only the sporting aspect is meant, but a philosophy of life. Very touching and motivating at the same time. If someone gets through something like that, then the daily challenges of a self-employed person are no longer so dramatic.
  • The life is wonderful, is not it?*
    One of my all-time favorite films and a Hollywood classic. This black and white film from 1947 shows a person who wants to commit suicide due to financial problems. An angel (okay, the film is a bit cheesy ;-)) shows him what the world would look like without him and it's beautifully done and very touching. After that, one sees the daily problems as significantly less.

This selection is of course a very personal one. What one likes may not appeal to the other. Nevertheless, every self-employed person and founder is sure to find films that motivate them in difficult times or even inspire them to start their own business for the first time.

Documentation for founders

After the fictional films, I would like to present some documentaries that give realistic insights into the lives of founders.

  • Indie Game - The Movie
    A documentary about several game developers who are passionate about developing Indi-Games. But it is by no means all positive. The documentation also shows the problems, worries, risks and stresses of these people. A realistic insight into a scene that is often seen rather transfigured. Still motivating.
  • The Startup Kids
    Documentation about young entrepreneurs in the USA and Europe. It includes interviews with the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dropbox and others. A lot of value is placed on the motivation of other young people and there are interesting insights.
  • The call of the entrepreneur
    The film “The Call of the Entrepreneur” gives an insight into the more classic entrepreneurial world. Based on 3 entrepreneurs, it is shown which risks were associated with these start-ups, but also which opportunities these people saw.
    This documentation was co-financed by Microsoft. It gives insights into the startup scene and 5 startups are supported over a longer period of time. There is also information and anecdotes from well-known founders.
  • Something Ventured
    This documentation describes the beginning of an entire industry, the computer industry. Both the founders and investors have their say. It shows how insecure everything was and nobody really knew where it was going.

Your favorite films

As I said, the film selection is of course very subjective. That's why I would be happy if you leave your favorite films about motivation, inspiration and starting a business in the comments. Maybe I'll come across a couple of films that I haven't seen yet that are well worth seeing. :-)

Further documentation about startups and founders

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