Why couldn't Frodo destroy the ring?

Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins


Moved to Valinor on September 29, 3021D.Z.

Frodo Baggins, Original: Frodo Baggins, (Born September 22, 2968 D.Z.) was a hobbit from the Shire.


In the Shire

Frodo was the son of Drogo Baggins and Primula Baggins and the foster son and nephew of Bilbo Baggins (son of Belladonna Tuk and Bungo Baggins).

When Frodo was twelve years old, his parents drowned in a boat accident on the Baranduin (brandy wine). Since the age of 21, Frodo lived with Bilbo in Bag End.

The journey with the one ring

In the year 3018D.Z. Gandalf sent Frodo with the One Ring to destroy it in Mordor.

On the way he was almost killed several times. The first time by a Nazgûl on the Weathertop. The wound was treated by Elrond in Rivendell. The second time, only the mithril chain mail prevented his death when he was attacked by a cave troll in Moria. A third, serious injury was caused by the poisonous sting of Shelob, a giant spider that lived in a tunnel above the pass of Cirith Ungol.

The destruction of the ring

At last Frodo was unable to throw the ring into the fire in the Sammath Naur. Gollum, who had joined Frodo and Sam half voluntarily and half involuntarily before Mordor, made the decision for him by greedily biting off his ring-bearing finger, then in a triumphant frenzy came too close to the edge of the cliff and with the regained ring into the fires of the Doom Mountain fell.

Return to the Shire

After defeating Sauron, Frodo returned to the Shire. But before he left Minas Tirith, he said goodbye to Hochkönig Elessar and Arwen. Arwen told Frodo that she herself will not travel to the Gray Havens and the West with her father because she has chosen the fate of Lúthien and says: "But in my place you shall go, ring bearer, when the time comes and you If your injuries still hurt you and the memory of your burden is heavy, then you can go to the West until all your wounds and tiredness are healed. But now wear this in memory of Elbenstein and Abendstern, with whom yours Life was intertwined "and gave Frodo a farewell gift of a white gemstone like a star that hung on a silver chain on her breast, and she put the chain around Frodo's neck and said:" When the memory of the horror and the darkness torments you , this will bring you some help. "

On the way to the Shire he stopped in Rivendell, where Bilbo gave him the Red Book of the West Mark, which Frodo added to the account of his own adventures, which he had made Lord of the Rings is called. Back in the Shire, Saruman and Lotho Sackheim-Baggins, who had enslaved and devastated the Shire, were waiting for him. But Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry managed to liberate the Shire (Liberation of the Shire). He then represented the mayor until he recovered, and then retired to Bag End, where he lived with Sam and his wife Rosie.

Frodo's diseases

Frodo overtook him on March 13, 3020D.Z. on the anniversary of Shelob poisoning him, a serious illness. Already on October 5th, 3019D.Z. was the first time he had complained of pain. Frodo was obviously more dependent on the One Ring than he admitted to himself. Basically, according to Tolkien, he regretted the destruction of the ring and probably still wanted it. Farmer Hüttinger found the seriously ill person in dire condition because Sam was not there. Frodo, lying on the bed, held the white gem that Arwen had given him and which hung on a chain around his neck, and spoke half in a dream: "He (the ring) is gone forever, and now everything is dark and empty. " Frodo recovered but never spoke to anyone about it. After that Frodo fell ill even more often, on October 6th, 3020D.Z. and on March 13, 3021D.Z.

Frodo's journey to Valinor

After a while he rode to the gray harbors and sailed to the west with Bilbo Baggins, the bearers of the three elven rings, Gandalf, Elrond and Mrs. Galadriel and other elves. But that doesn't mean that he won't die in his time.

Tolkien writes: 'I haven't said anything about it in the book, but the underlying mythical idea is that for mortals, because their kind cannot be changed forever, this is actually only a temporary reward: a cure and reparation for suffering. They cannot stay forever, and if they cannot return to the mortal world, they can and will die - of their own free will - and leave the world. ' [1]


J. R. R. Tolkien writes in letter 168: "Frodo is a real name from Germanic tradition. The Old English form was Fróda. Obvious is the connection to the old word fród, with the etymological meaning wise from experience, but it also had mythological connections with the sagas of the Golden Age in the north. "

The Sindarin form of Frodo's name is Daur, What wise means. Frodo Gärtner, the son of Samweis Gamgee, is called Iorhael translates what Alt-wise means.

Film trilogy

  • In the film trilogy, Frodo Baggins is played by Elijah Wood.
  • For the end of the trilogy, director Peter Jackson decided for dramaturgical reasons to involve Frodo in the destruction of the ring. Unlike in the book, Frodo fights with Gollum to take the ring from him again. Both fall over the edge of the break. Gollum falls into the lava with the ring. Frodo can hold on to a rock edge and is saved by Sam. Jackson explains on the additional footage of the Extended Editionthat it would not have worked cinematically if Frodo had just watched the ring being destroyed at the end of the film trilogy.


Poem from Gandalf's letter to Frodo dated: TO THE DANCING PONY; BREE, midday, Shire time 1418:

Not everything that is gold sparkles
Not everyone who wanders lost
The old is not darkened
Roots of the deep still froze to death.

Fire is made from ashes,
Light emerges from shadows;
Salvation will be broken sword,
And king who lost the crown.


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