Why did John Bercow resign

John Bercow: The Brexit voice of reason puts an end - "Order" and out

British Parliament Speaker John Bercow has announced his resignation. He would step down either in the event of new elections or by October 31 at the latest, he said in parliament.

UK House of Commons spokesman John Bercow has announced his resignation. Bercow said in parliament this Monday that he would not run for office again if MPs were to vote for early elections on Monday. But even if early elections are rejected, he will step down on October 31.

Bercow joined the Conservative Party in 1979. In 1997 he was elected to the House of Commons for the first time, to which he has belonged continuously ever since. He took over the post of speaker of the house in June 2009. As a speaker, the 56-year-old earned a reputation as an advocate for the rights of MPs. In the dispute over Brexit, he repeatedly took sides for parliament and against the government. Brexit supporters therefore accused him of acting unilaterally in favor of the exit opponents.

The speaker with the curly hair

Bercow interprets the usually insignificant role of the president very broadly. At the beginning of the year, for example, with a centuries-old law, he stopped the attempts by the then government to repeatedly submit the law on the treaty for the EU exit to parliament.

The Buckingham MP stood out not only for his principled actions. The speaker with the curly hair is best known for his distinctive "Order, Order!" Shouts with which he intervenes in debates when things get heated up again in the House of Commons.

After his resignation announcement on Monday, he received a standing ovation. The opposition rose unanimously, but many Tory politicians remained seated and did not applaud.