Which chain restaurant serves the best fries?

Berlin's burger

We left our neighborhood and moved towards the middle for lunch. Based on a tip in our comments, we chose the “Hans im Glück” in Friedrichstrasse 101: A huge restaurant! Certainly 150 seats inside and a few more outside. You feel like you are in the forest, because the interior is made up of birch trunks all over the place, from ceiling to floor. Whether everything is ok in terms of the escape route - hm…. - With thoughts like this we have hung out with crisis managers too much lately 🙂

"Hans im Glück" is a burger chain. Why is the shop called that? Wasn't Hans, in the fairy tale, always ripped off? Hopefully that won't happen in the restaurant ...

The hamburger

Here all burgers have some kind of artificial name, the simple hamburger is called “The Classic”, yawn ... then you could have called it a hamburger. Well, ordered, waited, got served after 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Pretty quick. At noon there was nothing going on either - but that changed rapidly within the next hour.

The hamburger is, along with 26 other burgers, including vegetarian and vegan, the cheapest with a proud price of 6.70 euros. When ordering, we can choose between sourdough or multigrain rolls. I've been a sourdough bun fan for a few months anyway, so the hamburger is ordered accordingly. The sourdough roll at the hamburger is very tasty even without the sesame crust. Between the rolls there is a tomato slice, seven smaller red onion rings, a very crunchy lettuce leaf and a pleasantly tasty sauce. Strangely enough, the usual pickle slices are missing here ...

Believe it or not, the meat weighs 104 grams - a record! But it tastes a bit boring, a few spices wouldn't hurt here. Overall, however, the 6.5 centimeter high burger tastes very good (after the pressure test). At 281 grams, the burger also weighs a lot. We award 5 out of 6 possible points. The bun is really tasty and the whole combination just tastes good. Unfortunately, you won't find organic meat here ...

The chili cheeseburger

In addition to the classic, the chilli cheeseburger is of course also subjected to the test. Here, however, the first difficulty becomes apparent: the classic spicy cheeseburger with jalapeños does not exist. However, the “Glücksschmied” shows certain similarities in order to remain true to our test criteria. It is titled “fiery pepper sauce” on the menu and is the closest thing to our chilli cheeseburger. And indeed, it surprises us with a good spiciness in the tasty-spicy sauce (5 out of 6 points), which unfortunately accumulates a bit on one side. This surrounds lettuce, tomatoes and onions in the same quality and quantity as the classic. Everything is packed between two multigrain rolls, which are very crispy and simply very tasty. The ensemble is held together with the help of a wooden skewer. Conclusion: Anyone can spice up jalapeños - using a consistently spicy pepper sauce makes this burger a real competitor to the ordinary burger fryer, hence 5 out of 6 points.

The french fries

Right from the start: Great!
Thick, crispy, extremely tasty. And refined with the four free sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce and honey-mustard sauce), which are placed right at the table together with a rosemary plant (what is that supposed to be there?), The French fries from "hans im Glück" are so far really the best fries. That gives the full number of points 6. But the fries are not cheap either: as a side dish to the burger, around 197 grams cost 3.20 euros. With 49 french fries, each french fry has an average weight of around 4.02 grams.

Alternatively, you can get a whole pound of French fries for the proud price of 4.80 euros ... ui ui ui. Or you can have french fries, drink and coffee in the lunch menu for an extra charge on the burger price of 4.50 euros.


Really good for a chain restaurant! The burger and the fries are terribly delicious. A comparison with our typical Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg burgers is not easy due to the price and the atmosphere: In the "Burger Steig" you can get at least as tasty a burger for less than half, but instead sit more in a snack bar than in the forest um, in the restaurant with lots of birch trunks.

The fairy tale of Hans im Glück is not quite true here, because here you get very tasty treats for your money and we are not ripped off.

The customer does not receive an invoice (without asking) - everything runs digitally here. We think it's good. End.