Why do politicians like golf


Dear Markus,

mei, i haven't heard from each other in a long time. Look a bit worn out. Yes Bua, what's going on down there, in this world and here in beautiful Bavaria?

Do you have a little something on your mind with the pandemic? Worry dia koane! De mama takes care of you and looks very carefully at obi.

But Markus, I kept quiet for a long time, but now I have to report to you a moi. You're tough in the Corona era. At the beginning I thought: Now is the Bavarian Kurz. Since the host ois imitates the Gschleckten from Vienna. Imitate on Austrians. Oans sucked you: Since Franz Josef would have dragged you wipe your ears.

But you've scratched the curve, you're no vui harder like there in short. Bravo.

Just give you advice: you have to be careful that you don’t pass it on.

“Closing requires courage, opening requires wisdom”. Markus, the host is chased outside again.

Have you thought about the sentence or was it really a smart one from your CSU headquarters or the state chancellery?

Great. I moan, only you can do this: There siagst a moi wieda, you are a true Kini. You live the reign in every pore. And you glabbed a no on what you miscounted your guide. It shows self-confidence, but I know: that’s never been lacking.

I think it's great that you're starting to work on Bader again, you can see it perfectly: It's urgently needed. And the hardware stores open, the nurseries a no. And now you've said: It looks pretty good for tennis players and golfers. Schee. Schee late.

Are you actually looking at what your species is doing in the other federal states? Or don't you care, because I'm in Bavaria, san ja mia. And if you step out of line, you get a lot more attention?

Go, now open the Oktoberfest at last! And sucked hoid a moi honestly, that you don’t like golfers, all big heads. Ha? Markus, wake up a moi and go a moi out to de Leit. Look what is going on at Flaucher and in the Englischer Garten on a nice weekend. The masses push their way through. Griabig is and because of distance!

And on the golf course? Since ned! They go out of their way because they like each other or chase the balls across the area. Do you think so? Afterwards ask a moi at your CSU friend: Shall i heifa you? With pleasure. With the cruiser Thomas, exactly, the parliamentary group leader likes to spuit, and some say a z’vui. Or there Andi. You, the transport minister from Berlin, was married to a former top Austrian golfer. Everyone around Passau knows him, including his swing. He’s not bothered about the fact that he likes to spit. Now you know it. From me.

Really Markus, I'm afraid: Golfers are only people and voters too. So far, everyone from eich has survived a visit to a golf club very well. Without harm to health! Ask hoit a moi from your Finance Minister Füracker, the former State Chancellor Huber or Mayer, Horsti's assistant in the Ministry of the Interior. Edmund likes to go to golf clubs with his pussy to eat. At the next cabinet meeting you can ask your Environment Minister Glauber. He worked cleanly with the golfer.

Markus, I will notice. You seem a little unbalanced. You miss tennis, ge? Speaking of which. Tennis is really good and if you hit a flying ball on the racket, you can also hit the ball lying on the racket.

Did you know that the RKI's Wieler plays golf? Well, that's no joke. The RKI President hits the ball during the pandemic in Berlin to relax. Yes, if the ko and it is koa risk - then know the a in Bavaria. Markus, host mi? And try the hoid a moi with the golf. If it’s going to be easy for you, because humility isn’t your thing.

You're my darling, Markus, at least one of the many - now just let the golfers out in Bavaria. Has it arrived! Or do you want me to get really grumpy?

Your Mama Bavaria


Based on the legendary Politiker-Derblecken on Nockherberg

The family man got his feel for good stories from Germany's largest daily newspapers. Regardless of whether it is complex or simple matters - he is happy to get to the point quickly. Sport has always been a part of his life, he only discovered his love for golf at the age of 36. And can't get away from it.