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VETTER: 410 fiber optic cable blowing devices

Glass fiber cable blowing devices Cable protection pipe saw The cable protection pipe saw SRS 6.1 is a more powerful further development of the tried and tested version SRS 6. The saw is intended for cutting occupied and empty cable protection pipes without damaging internal cables or subducts. The area of ​​application is designed for external pipe diameters of 32-150 and a maximum wall thickness of 6. Rip, cross and window cuts can be made precisely with the saw. With the FTTx installation, window cuts for crossing the subducts can be made quickly and safely. When laying cables - e.g. converting an intersection to a roundabout - long double cuts must be made without damaging the cables or subducts. With this work in particular, you will benefit in the future from the 5-fold increase in performance of the new SRS 6.1. A setting of the cutting depth with an accuracy of 1/10 millimeter by means of an adjustment device protects the cables in the pipe. The depth of cut is chosen to be approx. 0.2 less than the pipe wall thickness. The remaining skin is broken out with a lifter so that optimal protection of the cable or the subducts is achieved. Pipe guide plates offer a high level of work safety and precise cuts. They are available for the pipe diameters listed below. The battery-powered machine is deliberately kept small and weighs less than 2 kg, so that it can also be used in close proximity. The standard scope of delivery includes the following parts: • Cordless saw with high-quality carbide-tipped saw blade and 2 batteries with 1 charger. • Adapter plate for guide plates, with fine adjustment of the cutting depth, with a screwdriver. • Lifter for remaining cut skin. • The delivery takes place in a robust case set, 445x355x255, weight approx. 6.5 kg. • The saw alone weighs only approx. 1.9 kg for handling. Code Type Devices For Ro-D kg 273212 SRS 6.1 Pipe saw see above 32-150 6.50 273228 RFP 32 Pipe guide plate 32 0.35 273230 RFP 40 Pipe guide plate 40 0.32 273232 RFP 50 Pipe guide plate 50 0.26 273234 RFP 63 pipe guide plate 63 0.26 273237 RFP 64+ pipe guide plate 64-150 0.20 273222 ESB 6 replacement saw blade - 0.03 lubricant for fiber optic cables Jettinglube lubricant for blowing in fiber optic cables. Excellent sliding properties. Adheres to the pipe wall and leaves the cables largely dry. Big advantage, especially when blowing over, looping and continuing to blow. Consumption approx. 0.5 l over 1000 m with pipe ID 40. The same for other IDs. Only, highest classification for lubricants, non-water polluting substances, according to VCI concept. Safety data sheets are available. Code Type Container kg 234960 CJL 1032 1 bottle 0.95 l 1.00 234965 CJL 1032 12 bottles of 0.95 l 12.00 234961 CJL 378 1 bottle 3.80 l 4.00 234970 CJL 378 4 bottles 3.80 l 16.00 Vetter GmbH Kabelverlegetechnik • Industriestraße 28 • D-79807 Lottstetten Tel .: +49 7745 / 9293-0 • Fax +49 7745 / 9293-499 • [email protected] • www.vetter-kabel.de 03.06 .2020 - page 11/18 - 410

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