What are implicit methods in Java

Within a Java Server Page, the programmer has a number of so-called implicit objects ready to gain access to key resources of the web server and the JSP environment. These objects are generated implicitly by the JSP server and are therefore always available.
The individual implicit objects are described in more detail below:

Return valuemethod
Returns the context path URL of the request object.
Returns an array that contains all cookies sent by the client.
Returns the date of the request header, here in the classic long form.
Returns the data of the selected request header as a string.
Returns the name of the HTTP method that called the request, for example GET, POST or PUT.
Returns an extra path information that is linked to the URL of the client that made the request.
Returns the ID of the client's session.
Returns the current session associated with the request. If the request does not have a session, one is created.
Return valuemethod
Returns the linked object for the specified name in the session or if this object does not exist.
Returns a list of string objects that contains all the names of the objects that are in the session.
Returns the unique ID of the session as a string.
Returns the object of the associated session specified by the name.
Returns all names of the objects in the session.
Deletes the object specified by the name from the session
Inserts the specified object with the appropriate name into the session.
Return valuemethod
Returns the servlet container attributes specified by the name or, if this is not available.
Returns a string that contains the value of the associated initialization parameter that is specified by the name.
Returns the major version number of the Java Servlet API and the servlet container.
Returns an InputStream object, specified by the path of the resource.
Returns the name and version number of the servlet container.
Writes the specified message to the server log file.