What are the best rugby films

The 15 best sports films of all time

The best sports films tell thrilling stories of unlikely victories, tough training, strong opponents and the challenge of leaving self-doubt behind. 15 highlights for home cinema!

Boxing, rugby, football or wrestling - sports and film fans of all genres and sports will find what they are looking for here:


1. Rocky


Amateur boxer Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is doing more than badly in Philadelphia. By chance he becomes a challenger to the boxing world champion and at the same time falls in love with the shy pet shop seller Adrian (Talia Shire). Will he be able to stand up to Apollo Creed? Stallone, who wrote the script himself, was inspired by the story of boxer Chuck Wepner, who survived 15 rounds against Muhammad Ali as an underdog and was even able to send the world champion onto the boards. The film is a sympathetic and stirring staging of the American dream.

2. Invictus - Undefeated


If a film tells a true story, it automatically increases the goosebumps factor. And that's what it's about: South Africa has just released itself from the shackles of apartheid and elected Nelson Mandela as president. The nation is still deeply divided, which also affects the sport: The rugby national team, which for many stands for white privileges, is to be smashed. Mandela wants to prevent that, sees an opportunity to write a success story with symbolic power at the World Cup in his own country. He convinces the captain of the team. But the Springboks are underdogs with little chance ... Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon play the leading roles in the drama that director Clint Eastwood brilliantly staged.

3. The art of winning - Moneyball


Who has how much possession of the ball, who brought how many passes to the teammate, or won the most tackles? Computer nerd and baseball fan Paul DePodesta was one of the first at the end of the 1990s to use computer-aided statistical methods to analyze players and make decisions based on them. His name is Peter Brand in the film and is played by Jonah Hill. The value of his considerations is recognized here as in reality by Oakland Athletics Manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), who used his methodology with surprising results. The film casts a virtuoso look at the business that determines the fate of athletes and teams apart from triumphs and defeats on the field.

4. Tom Meets Zizou - Not a summer fairy tale


Anyone who has had enough of the pathos of classic sports films should watch this calm documentary. Director Aljoscha Pause tells the story of footballer Thomas Broich, who was once considered an exceptional German talent, played international matches for the U21s and the "Team 2006", but then crashed and finally emigrated to the Australian league. The documentary closely follows the path of the athlete, who in many ways does not correspond to the cliché of the professional footballer. Honest, straightforward and simply good.

5. Jerry Maguire - Game of Life


Tom Cruise plays sports agent Jerry Maguire, who one day impulsively publishes a memo that criticizes the heartlessness of his industry. He is promptly fired. Only his assistant (Renée Zellweger) and one of his clients (Cuba Gooding Jr.) still stick with him and show the all too smart manager what love and friendship really mean. Director Cameron Crowe ("Almost Famous") made an entertaining, funny and socially critical film, which was not least by Gooding jr. will be carried. He was rightly awarded an Oscar for best supporting actor.

6. The Wrestler


For this film, director Darren Aronofsky ("Black Swan") brought Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke out of his career oblivion, had him play the worn-out wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson, who suffers from the exhausting fights and tries to get one next to the ring Establishing a bond with his daughter. An impressive film, especially thanks to Rourke, who won a Golden Globe for this role. Bruce Springsteen wrote the theme song for the film, which won an Oscar for it.

7. Like a wild bull


Robert De Niro's show of strength is considered by many to be one of the most important films in American cinema today. The actor gave everything for it: In addition to intensive boxing training and emotional tour de force, he was ready to put on the 30 kilos that Jake La Motta (the real role model in the film biography) put on when his steep career came to an end. Master director Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Paul Schrader ("Taxi Driver") also play a major role in the success of the gripping black-and-white drama. De Niro deservedly received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the boxer role.

8. Rush - Everything for victory

Ron Howard ("A Beautiful Mind") dedicated himself to the duel between the two Formula One legends James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the 1970s. He shows two people who couldn't be more different, contrasts the bon vivant with the perfectionist. A fascinating duel. Of course, Formula One fans get their money's worth here, because the film is not only a character study, but also pure adrenaline.


9th million dollar baby


He became famous as an actor and won the Oscars as a director. After the first Academy Award for the Western "Merciless", Clint Eastwood was able to take home the second with "Million Dollar Baby". The film not only tells the tragic career of boxer Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank), but also breaks genre boundaries and develops into a harrowing human drama. The ending is not without controversy, but the film is definitely worth watching.

10. Annie's men


The aging baseball star meets the talented rookie, and they're both blown away by muse Annie. The film is very entertaining with a successful mix of comedy, romance and sports film. The best argument for a home cinema evening with this highlight, however, are the grandiose leading actors: Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

11. The Fighter


In "The Fighter" Christian Bale ("The Dark Night") steals the show from his colleague Mark Wahlberg. Heavily emaciated, Bale plays Dick Eklund, the older half-brother of boxer Micky Ward (Wahlberg). While he is struggling with his drug addiction, Dicky wants to train his brother in the ring because he was once a talented boxer himself. In fact, they get a great chance with a world championship fight. Director David O. Russell ("Silver Linings") staged an astute study of the environment and a gripping family drama. In addition to Wahlberg and Bale, Melissa Leo shines as mother Alice. Bale and Leo rightly received the Oscar award.

12. Full of the nuts - dodgeball


Really silly is beautiful, isn't it? If you nod here, you shouldn't miss this comedy: Peter Le Fleur (Vince Vaughn) runs a gym that is threatened with takeover by the White Goodman (Ben Stiller) chain if he doesn't raise $ 50,000 within a month. To raise the money, Vaughn and his colleagues take part in a dodgeball tournament. But Goodman is also there and his team is the favorite.

13. I, Tonya


Nancy Kerrigan embodies the American dream. The figure skater made it from the very bottom to the top of the world, until a cowardly attack with an iron bar, in which her knee was to be smashed, threatened her participation in the Olympic Games. Behind it is, of all things, the ex-husband of the worst competitor. This true story is told from the perspective of competitor Tonya Harding (played by Margot Robbie). It becomes clear that Harding is at least as much a victim as an accomplice. An unusual film in which Allison Janney also impresses as Tonya's mother.

14. Seabiscuit


Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges) lost everything. His money, his son who was killed in an accident and his marriage that broke up. The racing stable project helps him get back on his feet. Together with Tom Smith (Chris Cooper) and jockey Johnny Pollard (Tobey Maguire) they put everything on the horse Seabiscuit, but that has its own will. The film is a study of society about the time of the Great Depression in the 1920s and yet retains the tension one expects from a sports movie.

15. Shocking Truth


And another true story in an exciting film form: pathologist and neuroscientist Dr. Bennet Omalu (played by Will Smith) discovers that head injuries in football cause enormous damage to the human brain and have even been linked to subsequent suicides by athletes. He cannot expect gratitude for this discovery, however, because football is huge business in the USA. Omalu is vilified and threatened. It was not until many years later that the professional business was ready to at least recognize its advanced knowledge and to continue to deal openly with the topic.