How can I design my own projects

Understand projects

Projects allow you to organize all tasks related to a specific activity, goal or large work process in a list or a board.

Create project

To create a new project:

  1. Click the + button
  2. Choose Project

On a new screen you will be presented with 3 options that you can choose either one Empty project create a Use template or Import table can.

click on + in the empty project window to start from scratch.

In companies, you have to be on a team before you can start a project.

Set up a new project

After you have clicked on "Empty Project", you can enter your project data, choose your layout and define your visibility settings.

In the project detail view, you can do the following:

  1. Enter a project name and description
  2. Select the team that you want to add the project to
  3. Define the visibility settings of your project
  4. Select List, Board, Timeline, or Calendar as the layout
  5. After the details have been added, build the project

In companies, the team that is at the top of your sidebar is automatically inserted via the "Create project" button. Click on the team field to manually select in which team your project will be created.

After you have filled out these fields and clicked on the Create project-Button, your new project will be loaded in the main window.Main window.If you select a project, tag or person, a list of the relevant tasks will be displayed in the main window , Projects and teams. The sidebar can be collapsed. Read more is displayed.

Project permissions

Read the article on permissions to learn more about project permissions and how to set them.

Find & access projects

There are many ways to access a project:

  1. The search function enables you to find any task, project or discussion in your workspace or company. Read on by project name
  2. Select a project from the project list in Teams
  3. Select a project from the project list in the sidebar Sidebar You can use the sidebar to navigate to the dashboard and favorite entries, projects and teams. The sidebar can be collapsed. Read more

You can also access a project by clicking on the name of a project, tag or person when you select a project, tag or person from the main window.

Learn more about getting started with projects in the Asana community.

Visit the community

Recommended templates

If you on Use template click, you can choose from a collection of templates.

You have the option to choose recommended templates for your team type. If you can't find a suitable template there, you can simply change the team to see other template options.

Custom templates

It is also possible to view and use custom templates specially created by your company. These custom templates are organized by team.

To use a custom template:

  1. Select your company name
  2. Choose a custom template that you want to use

Template preview

Once you find the template you want to use, preview it for more information. When you're ready to go, choose Use template.

Once you have the option Use template click, you can rename the template and start your new project.

In step 1 it is necessary to add new project details.

Input details:

  • Add project details, name, team and privacy options

Step 2 to plan the project dates.

Time schedule

  • To create a project, first determine a start and end date
  • Then click the button Create project.
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