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Quick guide to zoom meetings

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Quick guide to zoom meetings

So that we can continue to offer sports courses even when the halls are closed and training outside is not possible or permitted, selected sports offers are broadcast via the “Zoom” conference software.

Before starting the training Please register with the respective trainer once for a course. As soon as the trainer has set up the course in Zoom Meetings, you will receive an email from her. This could look like this, depending on which e-mail program you are using: There is a link under the “Join Zoom Meeting” text that you can use to join the lesson. This must be clicked on shortly before you want to enter the virtual classroom. It is advisable to save this e-mail (or just the link) so that you do not have to search for the e-mail for each appointment of the course. Some course instructors schedule appointments so that you will receive a reminder email before the start of the lesson, which is structured in a similar way and which you can also use to join. ATTENTION: If the e-mail has ended up in the spam folder, you may have to move it to the normal mailbox first. Some e-mail programs do not allow links to be opened in the spam folder. As a rule, however, the link sent by the trainer is sufficient!

Technical requirements and system requirements

  1. Internet connection: Of course, online lessons can only work if a stable internet connection is available. Video data sent live requires sufficient bandwidth. (The speeds should be at least 2 Mbit / s upstream and 3 Mbit / s downstream). It is best to connect the receiving device to the Internet by cable, this would be the most stable solution.
  2. Video screen: In theory, you can also take part in the class via your smartphone, but we recommend using a device with a larger screen and turning on the camera so that the trainer can see you ...
  3. Audio (Boxes / loudspeakers / headphones / headset): We recommend that participants connect boxes or activate “open listening”!
  4. Software: The more up-to-date the software, the better the result. Therefore, the computer, laptop or tablet should be up to date. Ideally, at least Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or MacOS 10.9 or higher on the computer or IOS 8.0, iPadOS 13, Android 5.0x or higher on the tablet. Even if the installation of the Zoom desktop client is recommended for active participation in the class, participation is possible via a browser. This would also have to be up to date. Zoom Meetings supports the following browsers: for Windows Internet Explorer 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+ and Chrome 30+; for Mac Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+. Further details can be found on the corresponding Zoom website. Please note that not all Zoom Meetings functions can be used via the browser. The Zoom Meetings desktop client is therefore preferable for active participation.