What are some creative uses for wood

Change of scenery: 5 ideas for creative wall design

1. Natural classic: wall paneling made of wood

Wood radiates warmth and creates a homely atmosphere. So why only use the classic on the floor? Spruce, pine and many other types of wood offer one natural and sustainable wall design. White, gray or colored paints create living spaces from rustic to modern.

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2. Alternative to wallpaper: wall design with masonry

Wood is not only a suitable natural material for the interior - you can also decorate your walls with stones. With bricks, rustic cosiness moves into the living room and kitchen. Raw, urban atmosphere spread natural stones, for example in different shades of gray. Tip: It's less time-consuming but just as beautiful with a high-quality photo wallpaper that imitates a stone pattern.

3. Wall design with color: Beyond purism

A new look in next to no time: Wall colors are applied comparatively quickly and can be changed just as quickly if necessary. Be brave and bring the sun into your living room with a warm yellow, choose strong tones such as petrol or create modern cosiness with delicate pastel tones. Effect colors offer additional variety. Alternatively, leave the paint roller and apply the paint with a sponge to create artful patterns.

Masonry in the interior and strong colors ensure a cozy, varied wall design.

4. Like in the jungle: decorate walls with plants

The wall design should be able to be implemented quickly and easily dismantled if necessary? Even if you don't want to panel, plaster or paint your walls, they don't have to stay bare. For example, set up a few shelves of different heights and place plant pots on each floor. Hanging plants are particularly suitable for a green oasis in the urban jungle. It's easier to care for with succulents: These plants need very little water.

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5. Urban flair in your apartment: unplastered concrete

Do you prefer a blatantly angular design? Unplastered concrete, so-called exposed concrete, provides an urban loft charm. Combine the concrete wall with bright colors and natural materials such as wood and cotton. They stand up to the cool concrete and provide a balanced contrast between coolness and homeliness. Psst: Effect paint with a concrete look creates a similar look.

Plants, Bricks or Concrete? Combine different design ideas for your four walls.