How good are the templates from Wix

Wix experience & test (2021): the kit is really that good

Wix is ​​one of the most popular, or perhaps even the most popular, website builders in the world.

But how good is Wix really?

Is the modular system suitable for someone who has never created a website in their life? What types of websites can you build with Wix? How good is the price-performance ratio? And how does Wix fare against the top dog WordPress, with which 33% of all websites worldwide are operated.

In this in-depth review, we put Wix through its paces. Merciless and unadorned.

1. Wix at a glance

Admittedly, the brand name causes a stir.

However, behind Wix is ​​an Israeli company that didn't have the German-speaking market in mind when it developed its website builder a few years ago.

What is more important is what is behind the product.

Namely a cloud-based web platform with which you can create your own website in no time at all without any programming knowledge. Wix provides you with a so-called WYSIWYG editor that immediately shows all changes to the content and design in a live display.

However, Wix offers numerous other features that enable inexperienced users to create their own website very quickly.

First of all: Wix is ​​really awesome!

What I like about Wix:

Wix is ​​a perfect entry-level alternative for setting up your own website quickly and without prior knowledge.

The emphasis here is really on “no prior knowledge”.

Because right from the start you have the choice between the ADI automation tool, which guides you step by step through the creation process. Users with a little more experience could fall back on the professional Wix Editor, which brings significantly more functions, but also higher requirements.

A simple change between the two services is possible at any time without any problems.

By the way: Wix already provides you with hundreds of ready-made templates. All you have to do here is insert your own content.

But more on that later.

I also think that every new website is immediately equipped with an SSL certificate.

The backend of Wix is ​​clear, inviting and offers quick access to all functions that you need as a beginner.

Even sending invoices is integrated in the backend.

So Wix is ​​really a great all-in-one solution.

What I don't like about Wix:

Of course, Wix also reaches its limits in some areas.

However, this is not too tragic, because the egg-laying woolly milk pig simply does not exist at Homepage-Builder due to the numerous different requirements.

For example, the blogging function is not really mature and lacks many functions that would be necessary for professional blogging.

WordPress is clearly one step ahead here!

I also noticed that the Wix Editor is always quite shaky and reaches its limits, especially with larger individual pages with a lot of content. This strains your nerves more and more as the duration increases.

Another minus point: the depth of navigation.

Only two levels are possible here, which will be completely sufficient for smaller websites, but definitely not sufficient for larger sites.

This inevitably leads us to the question: Who is Wix for?

Who is Wix for:

Wix is ​​designed for users who want to create a professional website, but have neither the time nor the knowledge to consider classic options such as programming or WordPress.

The service is really ingenious if, for example, you want to run your own online shop with self-made products or want to offer your small to medium-sized company an online platform, but still attach great importance to a website with a high-quality design.

Wix is ​​the quick way to quickly create a high quality site that your customers will love.

This is definitely the main focus: customer generation and customer acquisition.

There are also numerous marketing tools available to you for this, such as an email newsletter.

However, Wix clearly leaves feathers in the blog and community area.

So if your focus is on blogging, there are better platforms out there.

2. Wix Prices & Costs

2.1 Free version of Wix

Wix offers one permanent free version (no time-limited trial version).

However, this has some disadvantages:

  1. A running top banner with the text will be displayed on your website This website was created with the homepage builder from Build your website today.
  2. You cannot activate your own domain, which means your website is under the not particularly beautiful URL https: //yourusername.wixsite/username reachable
  3. Some functions are not available to you, such as B. visitor statistics, your own mailbox or the option of setting your own favicon.

For a purely private or fun site, the free version may be enough. For business purposes, e.g. B. as a company or club website, but it is unsuitable.

2.2 Which premium packages are there?

If you are bothered by the disadvantages of the free version, you can upgrade your Wix package for a low monthly cost.

There are two different areas available to you: the “Website” area and the “Business & E-Commerce” area.

Website area

You have come to the right place if your focus is on a classic website through which little or no products should be sold, for example the online presence of a craft business.

The tariff selection is varied.

On the one hand there is the so-called Connect tariff.

This allows you to replace the Wix domain with your own, which in my opinion is an absolute must for 99.9% of all websites today.

This tariff includes a bandwidth of 1 GB and 500 MB storage space.

However, Wix ads will still be displayed here.

If you are not ready, you can fall back on the slightly more expensive combo tariff, which also increases your storage space to 3 GB.

However, both tariffs are really only suitable for very small projects. Especially due to the fact that the bandwidth is considerably limited here.

If you want to appear professional, you should fall back on the Unlimited or VIP tariffs, both of which have unlimited bandwidth and are equipped with other bonuses - for example a voucher for advertisements.

Business & E-Commerce area

If you want to create a website with a clear focus on the sale of products or the brokerage of services, you should move in this area, since payments from customers can only be accepted with Business & E-Commerce tariffs.

More on this in the next chapter.

2.3 How much does the Wix Online Store cost?

If you want to run your own online shop, you have the choice between three different tariffs, all of which allow you to accept online payments from customers.

It doesn't matter whether you sell products or just want to enable the booking of services.

The Business Basic tariff comes with a wide range of functions:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 20 GB storage space
  • Own domain for 1 year included
  • Sales and visitor statistics
  • Various vouchers

The two other tariffs, Business-Unlimited and Business-VIP, increase the storage space again. They should be booked especially if you run a large and international shop that not only serves the German market.

Both plans include the Wix Premium eCommerce functions, which provide you with important functions:

  • Offering subscription models
  • Automated sales tax
  • Currency conversion

2.4 How much does a domain cost?

You can get your own domain from Wix for free for one year from the combo plan.

The Connect tariff already offers the option of replacing the ugly Wix domain with your own domain, but this is not included in the price. So here you would have to use an external provider.

3. Test results in detail

3.1 Range of functions

Storage space and traffic

Wix provides you with complete hosting. This makes Wix a really great all-in-one solution.

You should definitely keep two sizes in mind, which differ depending on the chosen package: storage space and traffic.

The storage space varies considerably between the individual tariffs:

  • Connect Domain: 500 MB
  • Combo: 3 GB
  • Unlimited: 10 GB
  • VIP: 20 GB
  • Business Basic: 20 GB
  • Business Unlimited: 35 GB
  • Business VIP: 50 GB

Own domains

Wix already offers you your own domain in the free version.

However, this is a very ugly one https: //yourusername.wixsite/username that I really wouldn't recommend to you.

If you want to use a classic domain (i.e. or, there are several options available to you.

You can either move to Wix with an existing domain or register a new domain directly through Wix.

From the combo tariff, a domain with the classic endings is even free for a full year.


Wix provides you with an extensive blog function.

The contributions fit seamlessly into the design of your website and can be created quickly and easily in the backend.

In addition, these can be divided into different categories and provided with tags.

Similar to WordPress, Wix lets you schedule posts and publish them on a specific date. That increases your flexibility tremendously.

Of course, Wix also provides a comment function. Your posts can even be commented on via Facebook.

Online shop

The online shop function is one of the heart of the Wix platform.

If you have chosen a tariff within the “Business & eCommerce” category, this is available to you without restrictions.

The design and structure of an online shop created with Wix is ​​really impressive and the setup is also simple.

There are numerous options available to you:

  • Provide your customers with various payment methods such as PayPal or even offline payments.
  • Easily create vouchers or discount codes
  • The entire shop administration is centrally located in one place
  • Tax rates can be adjusted to different regions in no time at all
  • Fast import of new articles, as the product details can be imported as a CSV file
  • Customers have the option to create their own account

Despite the abundant range of functions, the Wix online shop unfortunately also has major drawbacks.

For example, an evaluation function is not included in the standard scope and must first be added by an external module. That's not really convenient and definitely a no-go as customer reviews are an important part of an online store.

Unfortunately, Wix has not yet made a great effort to adapt the shop function to German law.

Two examples:

  • GTC and cancellation policy can be stored and made accessible to customers via a link on the order form, but under German law these must be actively accepted by the buyer before the purchase is made (for example by clicking a checkbox). This possibility does not yet exist.
  • The final order button must clearly communicate that the click initiates a paid purchase process. The wording should therefore read, for example, “order for a fee”. Unfortunately, the standard “Place Order” button on Wix cannot yet be changed.

Other small problems, such as the information on the VAT rate or the delivery time, can be avoided by mentioning them in the product description.

However, this is also not a 100% satisfactory solution.

In summary, it can be said that Wix offers a visually and functionally ingenious shop, but it should be adapted to German law at one point or another.

By the way: So far, digital products have not been sold in the standard shop. An extension is also required here.


Wix offers some SEO features out of the box, such as B .:

  • The ability to add meta tags (e.g. important for verification with the Google Search Console)
  • 301 redirects
  • Indexing settings for the entire website (so you can set whether your own website should appear on Google or not)
  • Indexing settings for individual subpages (to prevent individual pages from being listed on Google, e.g. imprint or data protection declaration)
  • Define meta title and meta description (for the start page and individual sub-pages)
  • Set alt texts for images
  • A sitemap (available at

What is missing:

  • You cannot change the filenames for images (These are automatically given cryptic and non-descriptive names such as a4cf104932ac21973fd75e89a9 ~ mv2_d_4446_2964_s_4_2.jpg)

Visitor statistics

Comprehensive statistics on your visitors and sales are made available to you for free within the Wix backend.

These visitor statistics will be completely sufficient for 99% of all webmasters, as they not only contain simple page visits, but also other data such as the bounce rate or submitted forms.

The functions included make third-party tracking software such as Google Analytics or Matomo completely superfluous.

A big plus point in terms of data protection, although you should still note a few points in terms of GDPR.

But more on that later.

contact form

Wix offers contact forms in many different designs that can be easily integrated into a page. The forms look good and can also be customized by beginners in a few simple steps.

Password protection

Certain parts of your website can be protected either with a password or with member access.

In this way you can quickly and easily create a member's area and present exclusive content here.

Extensibility (widgets, plugins, apps, etc.)

Wix provides you with an app marketplace that provides free and paid extensions for your website.

These include, for example, other analysis plugins or solutions that complete your online shop.