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August 3, 2010, 9:25 p.m.

Alien Visit and Human Evolution: Who They Are, Where They Come From, and Why They Visit Us.
An interview that Giorgio Bongiovanni Pedro De Campos gave for the Brazilian UFO magazine:
O entrevistado desta edição é hoje o paranormal mais conhecido do mundo. Giorgio Bongiovanni.
1 - The UFOs have been spotted in many parts of the world. From Russia to Brazil you can find testimonials, photos and videos of unknown objects in flight in the sky. It is an enigma for the people. What do you think is happening at the moment?
G.B. - These highly developed beings have been visiting the planet since the beginning of the human race and they accompany the evolution of mankind. We have been monitored especially for the past 50 years since mankind started using atomic energy.
They are trying to prevent a nuclear world war, but because of our free will they cannot interfere in our life choices, at least as long as man does not endanger creation and does not destroy planet earth and therefore endangers the entire solar system. These beings have sophisticated technology and are under the command of Christ. They are yesterday's angels whom we call extraterrestrials today; they are the creators of miraculous phenomena and worldwide appearances through the projection of images in holograms. They try to sensitize humanity to repentance through signs and through direct contact with their ambassadors (I am one of them) before Jesus Christ reveals himself to all of humanity, as he promised 2000 years ago. That is the time, but nobody knows the day and the hour.
2- The Tibetans have reported that some military powers will join the war between 2010 and 2012, but they say the world will not be destroyed. What is your opinion on the political situation in the world and the nuclear threat? Are the constant UFO appearances associated with it? What could the beings of light do to stop the action of the military powers?
G.B. - As I mentioned above, if the military forces endanger the survival of the planet, these beings will receive orders from the higher divine spheres to intervene to stop everything and to save what can be saved before the Father unleashes a punishment that prevents the total destruction of its cosmic macrocell and purifies the planet. These beings can do two things in particular: the first is that they intervene with a peaceful military technology, this technology acts on the molecular structures of matter and cancels the efficiency of matter (i.e. they melt matter, e.g. metal); the second, even stronger, is that they act on the brain structures of our neurons, i.e. on the psyche. They are not yet intervening because of our free will; they will only do it if we start a planetary nuclear war.
3 - There was currently a major earthquake in Haiti, with thousands of victims, and the government palace collapsed. The scientists say that there is a geological fault and movement of the tectonic plates. Some seers say that the aliens are trying to help us and prevent major disasters. How should one interpret this?
G.B. - Earthquakes, seaquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and other upheavals are the violent reaction of Mother Earth, who defends herself against a "carcinogenic" virus called human. Humans destroy all kinds of life through pollution, the use of chemical weapons and, above all, atomic energy. The forces of nature - water, air, earth and fire - are the means of defense, the antibodies of mother earth: these are the zigos, i. H. the horses of the apocalypse through whom the purification and renewal of the planet will take place.
4 - Do the events of today's world indicate the beginning of a new era? Are the aliens contributing to this process? What will happen to those who are not chosen? Are they being taken to other planets? Who will do this? What do you think about it?
G.B. - The generation transition is currently ending and the earth must necessarily develop towards the beginning of the fourth dimension because the seventh cosmic cycle is ending. So only those who have realized the altruistic values ​​of fraternization of all people and only those who have completely abandoned the ego and the desire to own will become together with the planet
can develop further. All others will be forced to be reborn on planets of the third dimension in the initial state and will continue to suffer in dense matter. For this reason, Jesus Christ, being the patronymic being of our planet, will return to judge and choose souls. Christ will judge the living and the dead because the Spirit is the true I-Ego sum. Instead, the body is just a vehicle for carrying out the experience in the human dimension. And that's why he said: "Because whoever wants to save his life will lose it". Today it is necessary that we concern ourselves with our spiritual salvation rather than physical salvation. Everything in the spiritual world is regulated and coordinated by hierarchies. A spirit cannot do what it will or be born again where it will; he must adhere to the cosmic law that regulates the movement of the entire universe.
5 - Is there a heavenly oversight to prevent extraterrestrial beings, scientifically advanced but morally weak, from landing on earth to harm us? Is such a control effective at the moment?
G.B. - There are no negative extraterrestrials who travel around the cosmos and cross the infinite distances between the stars and therefore can reach the earth. All that UFO literature, books, movies, etc. have spread (Reptilians, Visitors, Insectoids, Evil Covenants, etc.) is the manipulation of the secret services to disorient and confuse people. It is a war of misinformation that, in addition to highly developed devices and technologies, involves many people and large secret capitals. Only developed and peaceful civilizations can travel in the cosmos. No race can achieve the science and technology necessary for star travel if it does not live in peace and harmony with itself and its own planet. The aggressive and warlike races, like the terrestrial ones, use science and technology to make weapons and to rob their planet; therefore they annihilate themselves with their own weapons before they can travel in the spaces of the cosmos. Exactly what is happening to our civilization right now. Moreover, while we only have "credos" - i. H. Religions or atheism in relation to real purpose in life, to the afterlife, to the laws that govern the evolution of life and creation, etc. - the extraterrestrials have a real science of the mind. Therefore, they know very well how stupid it is to practice hatred, aggressiveness and cruelty. They know exactly what it is and where good and bad lead. They know that there is nothing to be conquered, except your own evolution to the highest good. In any case, there are overdeveloped races who stubbornly oversee and protect the perfect order and harmony of creation.
6 - Doesn't it seem logical to you from a theological point of view that the legions of Lucifer could be the evil aliens and they could include the Reptilians, the Draconians, the Grays, etc. in their ranks if the angels are the good aliens? And all of this without government manipulation?
G.B. - What you say is logical, but these legions of Lucifer or these reptilians - as you call them - have no extraterrestrial origin, but an earthly one, because they are ethereal entities that are on our world and also inside our planet in the north , and they can move quickly and take possession of people, that is, they can personalize people. They originally came from the cosmos millions of years ago, but then they stopped obeying. They broke the law of the cosmos and therefore remained chained to the earth; they cannot travel in space and God uses these entities to test us: they are the famous legions of Lucifer. The legions that come from outside, from the cosmos and are called "aliens", on the other hand, are positive beings.
7 - According to what logic are these beings who visit us all positive?
G.B. - In the cosmos there is no civilization that can travel at the speed of light, that can exceed the speed of light and that has a psychological, spiritual and physical, negative evolution at the same time. It must necessarily be positive, because reaching the speed of light, exceeding the speed of light and therefore having advanced technological-scientific evolution must keep pace with high ethics and high human evolution. There can be no human degeneration, no human involution and technological development at the same time. This contradiction causes self-destruction in the long run. Because when a civilization has the ability to reach a high technological level without having developed universal values ​​and strong ethics, that ability falls back on itself and consequently self-destruction occurs. An example of this is the human race on earth: we have exceeded the speed of sound, but we are still very far from the speed of light; we've only traveled to the moon, maybe we can get to mars, and yet we're on the verge of self-destruction. We humans on earth will only reach the speed of light after we have overcome degeneration. That is why there are no negative alien civilizations traveling in the cosmos because they self-destruct beforehand: that is a cosmic law. This is the proof, and I insist that we terrestrials - and not the extraterrestrials - are the "Reptilians".
8 - The Bible actually indicates that the angels are the so-called extraterrestrials of today. But if the aliens are to be called angels, how can we explain the kidnappings that cause great harm to humans? Kidnapping is a serious crime on earth. How can it be done by the angels?
G.B. - I have already answered some of this in question number 5. I would add that real abductions do exist, but - as the great, recently deceased researcher John Mack, Pulitzer Prize winner and professor at the prestigious Harvard University, explained very well - these experiences cause a great expansion of the consciousness of the people involved. It is a process that develops over time and that leads these people to a more altruistic behavior and to a behavior of concrete commitment to the grave problems of humanity. It is also true that contact with beings from other worlds can be traumatic in the first phases, but afterwards what has already been said always happens. Then in the course of time the human résumés can again lead people off the path they have chosen, but the aliens have nothing to do with it; it only depends on the inner strength of the person. The spiritual struggle against evil is very strong at this time.
9 - During the hypnosis sessions, the collection of genetic material (egg cells and spermatozoa) was extensively observed. These are elements that suggest the physical manipulation of physical beings. What justification could such biological cultures have? At what stage of the evolutionary scale between the angels and us can these extraterrestrials be placed?
G.B. - You have to look at these messages with a lot of discernment. It is true that the aliens genetically modify our humanity in order to improve us physically. But the narratives that look like torture sessions are not true. I repeat again that there is a lot of information manipulation and the possibility of false memories. As I said before, beings do not act that way. In any case, even if we accept the abductees' severe trauma, the goal is only positive and seeking to improve the human race - at least the positive part of it. Those who trample and kill life are definitely not welcomed by the aliens. Consider the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Even the least important of the extraterrestrials who visit our planet obeys perfectly the divine cosmic intelligence, of which the astral beings - the beings of light - are advocates and executors. Nothing is beyond their control and their power is absolute. Today man has become a deadly virus for the cosmic cell - the earth - and the "antibodies" originating from the cosmos - the extraterrestrials - intervene under the command of the divine hierarchies to save the earth.
10 - It is said that “they” collect eggs and sperm because they want to create hybrids. There have been cases of women who lost their uterus after being abducted; there is also talk of a case in Sardinia in which the aborted fetus was a monstrous gray hybrid (the case of Giovanna, who was fertilized 18 times). What do you think about it?
G.B. - I'm sorry, but I don't believe in these theories, there is no established scientific evidence. They are only personal narratives in which there is medical-scientific evidence, but there is no evidence that these acts were committed by extraterrestrial beings. Instead, based on the information that the aliens themselves have given me, I believe that it is acts of the military services especially of the United States of America and other great powers that cause such ominous and negative accidents to make world public opinion believe that the aliens are negative are. Anyway, my explanations will soon be confirmed by an alien, peaceful and positive invasion for the benefit of our evolution.
11 - The problem in the psychic phenomenon is always the degree of confidence one can have in the message received in this way. How can one believe in the extraterrestrial message without running the risk of being deceived?
G.B. - By the fruits! I am one of the extraterrestrial beings contacted. I was a wealthy entrepreneur, I could make a lot of money, I made a lot, I had a normal but personal life. I've always been honest, but I certainly wasn't a great altruist, I thought about my things. Then I met the aliens and I became altruistic: I feed 5,000 children in Argentina every month; I founded the magazine ANTIMAFIA against all criminal organizations in the world; I try to do good i love christ, i love god. So the aliens brought me a positive change. If they had deceived me, I would surely be in great agony now, but here I am instead. It is true that if one wants to serve this truth one suffers, but they never forced me to do anything: I was offered to serve and I said yes, I accepted it.
12 - Some people wear physical markings on their bodies that indicate abuse or state that they have suffered in the hands of the aliens. How can you protect yourself against the kidnappings? How can you avoid unwanted controls?