When do classes start at different IIMs


The IT middle school (IMS) lasts four years and is divided into two parts: In the first three years you will mostly attend general and economically oriented subjects at the canton school. In addition, you will be taught computer science at the BBB vocational school in Baden. The fourth year includes an IT internship in an internship company.

The IMS training comprises three years of school instruction and is concluded with a school examination.

Classes take place three to three and a half days a week at the Alte Kantonsschule Aarau (opens in a new window) or at the Kantonsschule Baden (opens in a new window). The focus of school education at the canton school is on the subject groups of finance and accounting, economics and law, as well as general subjects such as mathematics, history and politics, technology and the environment and languages. You can specifically expand this broad general education with optional subjects and thus set your own accents.

From the coming 2019/20 school year, the IMS computer science school will be geared more towards the job market and practice-oriented studies at universities of applied sciences. That is why you are now attending the job-specific IT training at the BBB vocational school (BerufsBildungBaden) in Baden on one and a half to two days a week (opens in a new window). On the one hand, the training consists of modules that you continuously complete with exams. These are part of the qualification process. You will complete the same modules that are mandatory for learners in a four-year IT course specializing in application development. On the other hand, you visit the computer science learning atelier, where you learn to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice.

  1. General knowledge
  2. Computer science education
  3. Internships

At the canton school

The basic subjects, main subjects, and supplementary subjects at the cantonal school are specified. When choosing your optional subjects, on the other hand, you have a free hand and can set your own accents.

Compulsory subjects

Free subjects

You can benefit from the large number of optional subjects at the cantonal school you are attending.

You can find the individual optional courses on the schools' websites:

At the vocational school

The IT training at the vocational school is specified. When choosing your optional subjects, on the other hand, you have a free hand and can set your own accents.

Compulsory subjects

The Computer science EFZ (specializing in application development) is taught at the BBB Baden vocational school. In the various modules you will deal with web and mobile applications, data models and databases as well as programming. You will also learn how to make IT resources accessible to users.

in the Computer science learning atelier you transfer what you have learned in the modules into practice. You will learn how to process orders in everyday working life, which become more and more extensive and complex in the course of the course, until they finally cover the entire processing chain from clarifying information to testing.

Free subjects

You can benefit from the large number of optional subjects at the BBB vocational school. In particular, you can choose from a wide range of optional subjects in the field of computer science.

You can find the individual optional courses on the school's website:

Foreign language stay

As part of the three-year school tuition, you will complete at least a three to four-week foreign language stay in an English or French-speaking area, and depending on your previous knowledge also in an Italian or Spanish-speaking area.

Long-term internship

You will complete the fourth year of the IMS in a company. The long-term internship should enable you to put the knowledge you have acquired into practice, to gain an insight into operational processes and to deepen and expand your IT knowledge.

The internship must be completed in an internship company that can train you well in the area of ​​application development and carry out the ten-day thesis with you (individual practical work IPA). During this work you have to prove the skills and abilities you have learned in the area of ​​application development.

You look for the practice independently with the support of the school. The job search and application process will prepare you well for your future professional life.

The degree in computer science EFZ specializing in application development shows that you have acquired important skills in the field of computer science and that you can program IT applications for various purposes. The EFZ enables you to start your career as a computer scientist immediately after completing the IMS, especially in the area of ​​developing and maintaining applications.

The vocational baccalaureate business and services type business opens up another professional field for you. This ranges from advising external and internal customers to performing administrative activities to branch-specific processing.

The federal certificate of proficiency in combination with the commercial vocational baccalaureate also enables you to continue your training in the field of IT or economics. The vocational baccalaureate usually enables an examination-free transfer to a degree at a university of applied sciences in the same professional field. With the vocational baccalaureate you can also complete the one-year passerelle course. This gives you access to the Swiss universities and the two ETHs (Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology).

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The following documents apply to pupils who entered the IT middle school before the 2019/20 school year: