Which is the best literature in Arabic


Arabic literature

5 books

Khaled Khalifa: No knives in the kitchens of this city. novel

Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek near Hamburg 2020
ISBN 9783498035822, hardcover, 288 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] From the Arabic by Hartmut Fähndrich. Khaled Khalifa's novel is about Syria from the 1980s to the present day. His first novel "Death is an arduous business" was ...

Niroz Malek: The Walker from Aleppo

Weidle Verlag, Bonn 2017
ISBN 9783938803837, paperback, 144 pages, 17.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the Arabic by Larissa Bender. Niroz Malek lives in Aleppo. In spite of everything. And he writes about what it's like to live in Aleppo despite everything. The result is short texts, miniatures ...

Hamed Abboud: Death bakes a birthday cake. Texts

Edition Pudelundpinscher, Erstfeld 2017
ISBN 9783906061115, paperback, 152 pages, 19.00 EUR
[…] Bilingual edition, Arabic and German. Translated from the Arabic by Larissa Bender. With an afterword by Stephan Milich, translated into Arabic by Mahmoud Hassanein. Hamed Abboud ...

Faces and places. Modern stories from Yemen

Books on demand, Norderstedt 2004
ISBN 9783000129629, hardcover, 138 pages, 12.00 EUR
[…] Muhammad Abdalwali, Abdalkarim Ar-Razihi, Ahmad Mahfuz Umar, Izzaddin Said Aahmad Nabila Az-Zubair and Said Aulaqi. From the Arabic […]