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Chardonnay: Popular around the world and extremely versatile

As one of the most popular white grape varieties worldwide, the versatile one enjoys Chardonnay also in Germany more and more popular. The share of the cultivation area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis grape variety of the Burgundy family is a good 2 percent, but has been increasing steadily for years. From fresh to massive with many varieties in between Chardonnay-Wine therefore and authentically reflects its origin.

Originally the Chardonnay probably from the Middle East. It was created as a cross between Gouais Blanc, known in German as Heunisch, but almost extinct worldwide, and Pinot. As the wine culture spread, the variety came to France and found its new home in Burgundy. In the meantime Chardonnay Cultivated worldwide, in Germany on a good 2200 hectares (as of 2019). This grape variety is particularly popular because of its versatility. It has quite high demands on the soil - it should be warm above all and preferably deep and calcareous - but it can adapt very well to different conditions. The grapes show the unadulterated terroir. Since the grape variety in the cellar is also variable, different expansion styles are possible.

Usually will Chardonnay- Single varietal wine and typically matured dry. Since the grapes ripen best when they ripen, the alcohol content is usually around 13 percent for a white wine. The grape variety can benefit from maturing in wood and is even more often matured in barriques. This gives the wine notes of vanilla, hazelnut or butter and a characteristic creaminess and softness. In the resulting voluminous wines, the wood note is mostly used discreetly. The expansion in stainless steel emphasizes the fruity-fresh aromas of apple, citrus and exotic fruits such as banana and pineapple. The acidity is more concise, the wines often have a pleasant mineral tinge. It is also suitable for sparkling Chardonnay outstanding.

Focus of the Chardonnay-The cultivation is Rheinhessen and the Palatinate. A Rhenish Hessian representative comes across as creamy and complex after the barrel aging, with a tender melt and full-bodied banana and mango aromas Chardonnay -Wine from the Palatinate. But apart from that, this white Burgundy grape variety also produces remarkable qualities. A radiant, clear wine with fresh acidity comes from the volcanic terraces at the Kaiserstuhl. Thanks to the versatility of the variety, you can always experience a new pleasure.