How can I protect my virginity

The myth of virginityhymen gives it at all Not

A skin that is pierced during the first sex - this story is nonsense! The hymen idea has more to do with ancient morals and sexism than it does with biological facts.

Danger! This information is utter nonsense: "During the first penetration sex, the man pierces the woman's hymen with his penis. It can bleed, but it can also be that the hymen has already torn and that no blood flows during the famous 'first time' . "

This or something like that has probably been taught to many of you by teen magazines, your parents, or in sex education classes.

Skin instead of hymen

But that's not true at all. The exit of the vagina is not closed like with a piece of cling film, which is then pierced during the first penetration.

"A girl has a completely different mucous membrane than an adult woman, a woman who has given birth, or an old woman. And there is no uniform appearance."

What is often referred to as a "hymen" is a vaginal mucous membrane, also called a hymen. This does not disappear after the first penetrative sex, but keeps it for the rest of your life. It only changes over time, says gynecologist Nora Szász. The vaginal mucous membrane is so elastic that even a child can fit through it when giving birth.

"You can also say that it's like a rubber band that you can put in your hair, what's covered with fabric, and what's also curled up."

The hymen and the associated virginity are closely linked to morality by parts of society. The cultural scientist Oliwia Hältlein and the illustrator Aisha Franz dispel the myth surrounding this whole topic in the booklet "The hymen does not exist". They explain where this myth comes from in the first place. And why the tale of defloration by the male penis is totally sexist.

"We clearly assume that women can only be introduced into sex life through this living, magical penis."
Oliwia Hältlein, cultural scientist

In "One Hour Love", Oliwia and Aisha talk about why it is beneficial to all genders if we demystify the subject of virginity, why we should rather have very many first times and why menstrual blood as something bad and the so-called "virgin blood" as something Good is perceived.

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