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Paragrana is an international transdisciplinary journal of historical anthropology edited by the Interdisciplinary Center for Historical Anthropology at Freie Universit├Ąt in Berlin.

As a forum for German and international research in Slavic studies, the journal publishes articles on the language, literature, folk poetry, and cultural history of the Slavic peoples, both past and present.

The journal devotes special attention to the linguistic, literary, and cultural interconnections between the German and Slavic peoples in a European context. Additional areas of focus include name-research (onomastics), genre history and poetology, Baltic and Sorbian studies, and the history of Slavic studies.

Literature reports and reviews inform readers about current trends in international research in Slavic studies, and about conference proceedings from important academic meetings.

Paragrana: Our aim is to gather and re-plant kernels of wisdom that go beyond the timeworn and familiar. The journal's authors, editors, and readers wish to avoid pre-formulated, repetitious answers that conform to old notions, images, and perspectives in which human beings regard their past as the central story of all history. We want to chart a course that goes beyond old pathways and leads to greater clarity about how man has changed and how he has not. In this way, we hope to illuminate how man must reorient himself internally and externally in order to continue to have a history.