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Blasphemy investigation against Afghan journalists

The Islam of the Taliban and IS

"ISIS and the Taliban use the same flag that says that there is no other god and no other religion than the God of Muslims and that Mohammed is the only prophet. This is quite an interesting observation. To become a Muslim one must confess that there is no other god than the God of Muslims. Literally every Muslim believes that neither Jesus, God the Father, Mary nor any other god will be tolerated on the planet besides the God of Muslims. So there is no room for negotiation here. Some might say it's like Nazism on another level. Denying a group the right to exist is not only beyond the level of intolerance, but also creates a worldwide philosophy of discrimination that invariably represents inhuman thinking.

It's quite interesting to see how dogmatic they are when it comes to adding and losing new believers. Islam wholeheartedly welcomes everyone around the world who wants to become a member of its community. Conversely, if a member turns away from Islam, they are by no means treating him so nicely. Mohammed says, “You Muslims are allowed to kill any of these people; Adulterers, murderers and apostates. ”Well, I can understand that when the Taliban committed the genocide of the Hazara minority population in my province of Afghanistan - Ghazni - they justified it by saying that the ancestors of the Hazara during the Ali Caliphate left Islam. So killing them is by no means a sin.

Exactly 20 years later, a group similar to the Taliban in Iraq, IS, repeats the same words: Shiites and secular people are outside Islam, killing them is a manifestation of Islam and has the approval of their prophet and their God. I want to speak to their God here. What kind of god are you Are you crazy? You claim to have created all human beings and now you are angry about to destroy your kingdom. Can you tolerate an innocent person being killed? Is that okay for you? What else makes you happy I don't understand you, "God".

I'll leave you up there in heaven Will the writers and philosophers soon come to the realization that you have never been nice to us "humans"? You claimed to have destroyed the whole tribe of Lot (Lot sura in the Qur'an) just because they were homosexuals. You tell Muslims that Christians and Jews are their enemies and have divided the world forever.

If you have not said that and if all the Quranic verses are not true, then why are you silent? If you don't like the Taliban and IS, why do you let them abuse your words? Because in the so-called Holy Bible you seem to be clearly saying that you are the highest power on earth that can change everything in the world at any time. Which of your and hers words are true? What I've seen since I was a child doesn't make me respect you. If you exist, you are not a good steward.

In fact, God does not care about mankind or whether or not he is worshiped. Today it is a very old and boring story. We're fine without God. God didn't end the world wars, it was people who made the choice. I hope that all people realize that there is nothing up there to help people. Killing people for Paradise or the consent of the Prophet or God is equivalent to killing people for nothing. "

Addendum: Shortly after the article appeared, the Afghanistan Express printed an apology and stated that the article had been published instead of another article due to a technical oversight, came from the private blog true-pen.com and did not comply with the principles of the newspaper.

Translation: Daniela Bartl, Elisabeth Mathes

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