Who is Jeffrey Epstein's best friend

Ghislaine Maxwell : Who is Epstein's enigmatic confidante?

The allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell are grave: She is said to have fed Jeffrey Epstein underage girls who the entrepreneur then sexually abused. After Epstein was found dead in his prison cell, investigators came to focus on Maxwell. The prosecutor responsible for the case, Geoffrey Berman, has already indicated that the co-conspirators will now be prosecuted.

The most important of these co-conspirators is likely to be Ghislaine Maxwell. Hardly anyone was as close to Jeffrey Epstein as the 57-year-old. His soul mate and his reflection was Maxwell, writes the Washington Post. As a "pimp", however, she is referred to on Twitter.

An unequal pair

The roots of the two could hardly be more different: Epstein comes from a humble background in Brooklyn, Maxwell was born near Paris and grew up in a mansion with 53 rooms in Oxford. She is the daughter of the press mogul Robert Maxwell and the French-born Holocaust researcher Elisabeth Maxwell.

Of the nine children of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine was the youngest - and allegedly the father's favorite. This is how Maxwell named his luxury yacht "Lady Ghislaine" after his daughter - he later died on the yacht under unknown circumstances. Due to Robert Maxwell's debts of four billion US dollars, there has been speculation about a suicide - Ghislaine Maxwell, however, believes in murder.

At the same time, Maxwell was extremely strict towards Ghislaine: As a student at Balliol College in Oxford, her father forbade her to be seen with her boyfriend in public or at home, writes Tom Bower, who is known to the family in the London Times, she fell victim to his tyranny.

Ghislaine Maxwell met Jeffrey Epstein less than a year after her father's death. It gave Epstein access to the most elite circles, including Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. In 2010, Maxwell was a guest at the wedding of Clinton's daughter Chelsea. Before the relationship with Epstein, she lived on 100,000 US dollars a year, which she received from a fund left by her father, reports British media. Jeffrey Epstein, on the other hand, had enough money; the contacts and charisma for his ascent apparently came from Maxwell.

Epstein and Maxwell are said to have been a couple for a few years. But even after the relationship ended, they remained closely connected. It was a mixture of personal and business connection. Maxwell was both best friend and assistant.

Whereabouts unknown

One of their tasks was, for example, the search for staff, as Maxwell announced in 2016. "A very small part of my job has been finding adult professional massage therapists for Jeffrey from time to time. For my part, everyone who came into his house was adult professional." The investigators are investigating what actually happened. Ghislaine Maxwell's current whereabouts are unknown. The alleged victims' lawyers suspect she will not return to the United States for fear of persecution.

According to the allegations, she later became the perpetrator. Ghislaine Maxwell was the focus of investigations by the Palm Beach police from an early age. The alleged victims have repeatedly described Maxwell as the coordinator of the abuse ring, the Washington Post said. They couldn't question Maxwell themselves. Her job is said to have included finding new girls for Epstein and paying them.

One of the alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, told the Miami Herald that Maxwell told her to have sex with men such as the British Prince Andrew or Bill Richardson, the then governor of New Mexico. The accused have denied the allegations. In court, Giuffre recalled, "My whole life has been about just pleasing these men and making Ghislaine and Jeffrey happy. Their whole lives have been about sex." According to her own statement, she met Maxwell while working in Mar-a-Lago, the summer home of today's US President Donald Trump.

The allegations of another woman, Maria Farmer, go even further: she accuses Maxwell of having participated in the sexual abuse herself. The Washington Post quoted an affidavit in which Farmer describes Maxwell abusing herself and her then 15-year-old sister. (Tsp)

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