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Startup Monitor 2020: Hopeful founders in the Corona crisis

Startup Monitor 2020: Almost 2,000 startups were surveyed

For an opinion picture as part of the German Startup Monitor 2020, the Federal Association of German Startups and the management consultancy PwC asked 1,946 German startups for their assessment of various aspects. A total of 4,745 founders and almost 26,000 employees from startups took part. The topics of the non-representative survey included the corona crisis, growth potential, political orientations and raising capital. The results were exciting and surprising. “Like the entire economy, startups are affected by the corona pandemic. But founders usually see an opportunity in the crisis and are used to reacting quickly to new situations, "says Franziska Teubert, the managing director of the Federal Association of German Startups e.V., about the Startup Monitor 2020.

The most important findings of the Startup Monitor 2020

The investigation of the almost 2,000 startups revealed surprising and interesting insights. The most important findings of the Startup Monitor 2020 are bundled here and listed according to topic.

Corona crisis

74.2 percent of the startups surveyed stated that their business activities were adversely affected by the Corona crisis. Despite the difficult situation, almost all are hopeful about the future, because 90 percent of the young companies have reacted to the crisis with direct countermeasures. Startups in the areas of online networks, e-commerce and online platforms, on the other hand, are crisis-resistant.

Growth potential

Despite the crisis, startups will offer more jobs in 2020 than in the previous year. On average, they employ 14 people and 90 percent of the startups surveyed even want to plan further new hires. The German startups see artificial intelligence as the most important technologies, as this has a major influence on their business model in 43 percent of companies. In contrast to AI, sustainability is an area of ​​growth. Here, too, 43 percent stated that their business model is based on sustainability.

Political orientations

Politics is also an important topic for many of the startups. The preferred party for startups is the Greens. 37 percent would vote for this party, 28.1 percent for the CDU and CSU. The FDP, on the other hand, continues to lose approval, although this party was once the favorite of young founders.


Basically, the Startup Monitor 2020 shows that two out of ten founders have a migration background, the share of employees is 27 percent. It is noticeable that startups in Berlin have the largest proportion of foreign workforce. In Berlin, for example, English is also the working language in 63 percent of startups and only in 30 percent of all German startups. The proportion of women, on the other hand, is low in all German startups. Only 15.9 percent of German founders are female, which means that the proportion has only increased slightly compared to the previous year.

Raising capital

Since the corona crisis made it difficult to raise capital, 43 percent of young companies also see this task as one of the biggest problems. Despite the difficulties, the startups are increasingly relying on external donors. 63 percent said they would use external funding.