You can use puzzles to develop strategic skills

Logicals: With the logic to solve the riddle

Here you can find out:
1. The logical thinking ability can be increased
2. With logicals to a powerful brain

Under Logicals one understands Logic puzzlethat can only be solved with the help of logical inferences and a strategic approach. The Einstein puzzle, also known as the zebra puzzle, is one of the world's most famous logicals. The brain works like a muscle - which also means that it can be trained. Logicals can be used in a playful way increase cognitive skills. There are innumerable types of puzzles, but logic puzzles are especially popular.

The ability to think logically can be increased

By solving logicals it has been proven that the cognitive abilities of the brain can be increased. Anyone who deals with a logic puzzle concentrates intensively on solving a specific problem. This concentration on possible solutions not only has a direct effect on the respective situation, but also trains your brain also for other situations. A powerful brain is able to work faster and more efficiently in everyday life. The brain training makes for one steady improvement in cognition, for example intelligence, memory or problem-solving skills. With NeuroNation you can also increase your logical thinking skills.

With logicals to a powerful brain

As with muscles, the brain must be trained in order to become more efficient. The Premium training from NeuroNation helps. With over 60 exercises from 5 categories we offer a personalized brain training with which you can improve your memory, your concentration and Effectively increase your logical thinking skills can. Continuous training for your brain not only ensures an increase in performance, but prevents mental deterioration in the long term and is a appropriate preventive measure against Alzheimer's, dementia and strokes. Our brain training was developed with professors, therapists and memory trainers and offers varied and personalized training for people of all ages. Convince yourself of the NeuroNation training and test part of the training free of charge and without obligation. Be able to solve even the most complicated logic!