What is stopping people from building wealth

10 tips for a prosperous life



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3 Table of Contents Basically, each of us has the same opportunities Everything starts with a GOAL Do what you enjoy very much Concentrate on 1 thing Your faith moves mountains (and creates lack or prosperity) The secret of a happy life is GIVING There is nothing Good, unless you do it (Erich Kästner) Pretend that it really is. Surround yourself with successful people Perseverance leads to success In calmness there is strength Conclusion ... 15

4 Basically, each of us has the same opportunities What prevents many people from attaining wealth and enjoying life are the wrong habits, distractions and fears. If a lot of work and hoping for a better future is your current habit - but in recent years you have not managed to lead the life you actually dream of, then the probability is unfortunately very high that it will be for the The rest of your life stays that way - unless you change something NOW ...... because it is your attitude that makes you rich!

5 1. Everything starts with a GOAL The first step towards a prosperous life starts with a goal. Many do not believe that they can live happier and freer lives. Our brain can be compared to a camera: what you focus your attention on is what you see. For example, if you have the goal of earning 300.00 a month, you will automatically see the opportunities to earn 300.00. However, you can also set up your camera to earn 3,000 or even - per month. Because the possibilities are there! I am firmly convinced that if the goal is clear, there is always a way! The 5 most important goal setting rules are: 1. The Why: Why do you want to achieve the goal? 2. The measurability: Set specific conditions (e.g. amount xxxxxx, -) so that you know when you have reached your goal. 3. The date: Set a date by when you want to have achieved your goal! 4. The plan: This is made up of the individual sub-steps that are required to achieve the goal. 5. Doing: After your goal clarity and planning, it is important to start and to let action follow! Answer the following questions for yourself: What is your biggest goal at the moment? How can you make it measurable? By when do you want to achieve it? What steps are required for this? Write down your answers!

6 2. Do what you really enjoy Do what you enjoy, otherwise you won't be doing it for long. So think about what excites you and what makes you thrive. One thing that you like to do is much easier for you than one thing that you don't like to do. Because joy is energy! And those who know how to turn joy into money - and turn money back into joy, live happily ever after. Answer the following questions for yourself: What do you enjoy most? How can you create more space for it?

7 3. Concentrate on 1 thing Henry Ford once said: If you want to build something big, then you have to build something 1-fold. Many years ago I spent 3 months writing the brochure "The Power of Network Marketing". I still benefit from these 3 months today. In the meantime I have sold well over copies of it and have been able to win numerous customers. Concentrate on one thing at a time and finish it. Then you too will benefit from it for the rest of your life. Answer the following questions for yourself: Which ONE thing do you want to focus on? What inspires you What could you do from morning to night because you enjoy it so much?

8 4. Your faith moves mountains (and creates lack or prosperity) It is your attitude that makes you rich and not the money or the work! And the best attitude to draw more wealth into your life is: I AM rich! I'm rich! Start developing this belief in yourself and you will feel rich. Believe You Can Do It! Everything you need to be happy is already within you. Every day, write down at least one reason why you are already rich today, it helps! For example: I am rich because I always have enough to eat I am rich because I am rich because every day I find arguments that confirm that you are rich - and you will feel richer and happier every day!

9 5. The secret to a happy life is GIVING Earning comes from serving! By being of great use to many people, you will make a lot of money. And you are useful as soon as you solve a specific problem for a specific target group. Be a problem solver and you will earn an above-average amount of money! Give people solutions to their problems! Answer the following question for yourself: Which target group, can you solve which big problem?

10 6. There is nothing good unless you do it (Erich Kästner) Basically, it is important to sharpen the saw before you start working. You should always know exactly what your ultimate goal is beforehand. Another important recipe for success is: Don't think too much, think, brood and doubt, just DO it! Because thinking about and acquiring knowledge will neither make you slim nor rich! You have to APPLY what you have learned! Only when you do something will it have an effect. That is the law of cause and effect. Only by doing can you manage to live your life the way you imagine it! Now write down 1 thing that you will definitely DO within 24 hours!

11 7. Pretend until it really is The Americans say: Fake it, until you make it. So: Dress as if you act as if you act as if you feel as if you are rich, free and happy Repeated imagination or even imagination becomes reality. It will boost your confidence and bring you closer to your goal. However, this does not mean stacking up. Answer the following questions for yourself: How do you want to be? What can you do about it today and every day thereafter?

12 8. Surround yourself with successful people Find positive people who support you and not those who pull you down. Find people who share your positive attitude and are not stuck in a lack of thinking. Some time ago I asked the head of a printing company. I wanted to have copies of the brochure The Power of Network Marketing printed as a first edition. The owner's reaction was a laugh. He said: Do you want to burn these in the fireplace afterwards? Not even bestsellers are printed in such numbers at the beginning! Fortunately, I did not let myself be dissuaded from my path. I had the brochure printed by another printer. Result: I sold brochures in the first year! If I had listened to the boss of the other print shop, my life might have been very different. And this is why the environment you surround yourself with is so extremely important. You should also look for a role model that you can copy. This is probably the quickest shortcut to personal success. Contact your role model and learn from him. Role models have already gone the way you want to go and have already successfully overcome a number of hurdles. You can learn a lot from them. Important: If you don't ask, it's always a NO! Answer the following questions for yourself: Who is a role model for you? Who do you want to contact? What do you want to learn from him or her? How do you get this information?

13 9. Perseverance leads to success I was invited to a "Millionaire's Day" some time ago. All the millionaires present agreed: They had done all 10 to 20 years of preparatory work until they eventually became a millionaire "overnight". And they all had one other important thing in common: everyone was only ever dedicated to one project or one thing! By the way: many give up too quickly. Best example: gym. If you go to sport for 2 hours, you will only get sore muscles. Only those who train continuously and improve step by step will achieve success. In order to achieve great success, you have to stay tuned for the long term! Many people want to make money quickly. They give up just as easily once it doesn't work. Most people overestimate what they can achieve in one day but underestimate what they can achieve in a year! Train yourself to success habits and I promise you, your life will change for the better in the long term and you will be happier day by day! Answer the following questions for yourself: Which habits would you like to acquire? What do you want to do regularly to build something big? Do you want to inspire someone every day? Do you want to write down what you are grateful for every day? Do you want to make someone else happy once a week? What do you want to "train"?

14 10. Strength lies in tranquility Many people put pressure on themselves and thus get stressed. The result: burnout, depression, heart attack, stroke. That's why you have to move away from a lot of work, stress and hectic rush - towards more serenity and quality of life. Have trust in yourself, be patient with yourself and make sure that your work is balanced regularly. Find the right mix of activity and relaxation. Important: Nothing can annoy you if you don't let it. Answer the following questions for yourself: What can you leave behind in order to gain more inner peace? What can you do to be even more relaxed, happier and more relaxed than before?

15 Conclusion By following these 10 tips, you can lead a life of prosperity and happiness. You will have more time for more vacation and more freedom overall. And what is even more important: You lead a happy and fulfilling life on the way to your goals! The best thing is, you can already do something today to be the person you want to be and to live the way you want to live. Further education is THE WAY. Investing in your personal development is always the best investment you can make. Stay tuned now so that you make wealth and quality of life your habit. Practice creates masters! My tip: I wish you a rich and happy life!