What is the name of Anchorage Food

Alaska Travel Tips: Restaurants

Apart from the fast food restaurants like TacoBell, MC Donalds or Pizza Hut, the cuisine in Alaska is more diverse and by no means as primitive as some prejudices claim. Especially in the larger cities such as Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks, the selection of restaurants with (southern) European, Mexican and Asian cuisine is quite large. Many restaurants, especially those on the coast, serve excellent fresh fish such as salmon, halibut, lobster and the king crab (Alaskan king crab). The portions are like the country: very large. Alaskan cuisine is filling and down to earth hearty.

Restaurant types / categories:

A distinction is made between the upscale gourmet restaurants, which are often only located in hotels in larger cities, and the more family-run restaurants in rural areas. In both you can eat very well in terms of quality. Fast food enjoyment is cheaper than in Europe and the selection is greater. In the rest houses along the federal highways and in the lodges you can get a very good culinary treat.


Tips and prices:

Since most of the 'ingredients' have to be flown into the hinterland, the restaurant prices are also relatively high here. With the bill, make sure that the (approx.) 15% tip (service charge, tip) is included, if not, leave the amount on the table - you pay the rest at the cash register. Also keep in mind that the servants receive low wages and are dependent on tips. Often the tax is also indicated separately on the menu.

Reservation / procedure:

Reservations should be made in advance in the upscale restaurants. 'Wait to be seated' - you don't choose a free seat yourself in restaurants, a friendly employee (waiter / host) takes care of that, who asks you for your wishes and then assigns you a seat. If there is no table available, you can either stand in line or wait at the bar.
Don't be astonished if you are presented with the bill unsolicited after dinner and after asking if you want anything else. In the USA it is customary to leave the table immediately after eating. Cozy togetherness is not!


Breakfast: 7-10 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Dinner: 5 pm-9pm / 10pm


Game may only be officially sold if the operators have a special permit, so you will hardly find it on any menu. Perhaps, however, you will meet locals who invite you to enjoy elk, caribou or mountain sheep dishes.

Grizzly burgers and moose burgers are something unusual, but caribou and elk meat are often found in the somewhat remote parts of the country (but hardly in restaurants).

Fresh fish is of course recommended; Salmon, halibut, mussels, king crabs and crabs - you should definitely try these!


For breakfast you go to the coffee shops (mostly in the hotel or the lodge). You should know the difference between 'american and continental breakfast':

- the former is the hearty variant: eggs, bacon, ham, fried potatoes, toast, jam, pancake, etc.
- the second, the barren version: coffee, croisant / toast, jam.

Coffee is always refilled free of charge.

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