Who played masters in EDF

Studied TV and radio journalism / moderation WAM®


In the print teaching department, students learn how to work in an editorial department in order to create a print publication. The students research relevant topics, get to know different forms of representation, edit texts, prove themselves in editorial meetings and try out their texts in all departments. The result is the WAM magazine Wollz.


The various topics and articles for the Wollz magazine are prepared in the online editorial department. All WAM students are part of the blog community and blog with it. Here you can see what they have to say.


Radio - the fastest medium in the world. Also at WAM: articles, correspondent discussions, interviews, music, campaigns and moderations - we combine all of this to form our dedicated radio magazine called Wollz - from the region for the region. Our magazines go on air on elDOradio and can be heard in Café Heimat.


The focus is on “classic” television work: planning, shooting, editing, setting music, moderating. Under the guidance of a lecturer and under the direction of a student editor-in-chief, you design the format and all of the articles independently from start to finish. Of course, there are also a few WAM topics ... It won't be “farm reporting”, however. The whole thing is shown on nrwision and YouTube. Your advantage: You gain a lot of practical filming experience and later start the job with a stack of finished reference contributions.