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Will bets on outsiders bring more success in the long run?

Every sports bettor naturally dreams of big and lasting profits. However, everything can be over in the blink of an eye and the dream castles - or in this case the betting capital - are history. The reason for this is that many bettors have never dealt with strategic betting and betting strategies. Unplanned betting almost never leads to success. Betting on your gut feeling is simply out of place in sports betting. The following is about betting strategies for underdog bets and how to achieve long-term financial success with them. So the big question is: does constant tapping on the underdog bring more success in the long run?

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Why you should rely on outsiders

One or the other may be confused about this question, because the average hobby tipper bet on the favorites. The common way of thinking is that teams like Bayern Munich or Barcelona always win and that the betting odds are also stable. The main advantage of outsider bets are the betting odds. With favorite bets, these are often only around 1.05, while with outsider bets you can often win ten times or more your stake.

The success of underdog betting lies in single bets

Basically, single bets promise the greatest success with the tips on the underdogs. The probability that several outsider tips are correct at the same time is almost as small as the probability of a six in the lottery. We generally advise against such combination bets!

A comparison of outsider bets: advantages and disadvantages compared to favorite bets

The main advantage of outsider tips is the extremely high odds. While many of the betting slips will lose, a single successful bet offers a huge profit margin. Betting on underdogs is not something you just win, and if you can't lose, underdog betting is not the right strategy for you. But there are surprises in every sport, so underdog betting pays off over time. A tiny number of winning betting slips ensures long-term profit. For players with the right gamer mentality, outsider bets are just the thing.

Does it make sense to bet on a draw in addition to the underdogs?

Since underdog bets inevitably involve a high level of risk, it makes sense to offset this risk a little. To do this, it is advisable to secure bets on underdogs by betting on a tie. To illustrate, let's take a look at the following example of a Bundesliga match between Hannover 96 and Borussia Dortmund:

  • Hanover win rate: 13.00 x 10.00 euros stake = 130 euros possible win
  • Draw odds: 6.5 x 10.00 euros stake = 65 euros possible win

If we assume a total stake of 20 euros, the profit would be 65 euros or 130 euros. If we bet on the double chance betting option, i.e. a draw or a win for the guests, the betting odds in this special case would be 4.5. In the event of success, a stake of 20 euros would result in a return of 90 euros. In this case, it is advisable to bet on double chance instead of placing bets separately on the different outcomes.

What are the advantages for the underdog in a handicap bet?

Another means of securing outsider bets are so-called handicap bets. With this special betting option, the supposedly weaker team goes into the match with a theoretical lead. Once the favorite is in the lead, they often go back and bring home the result that was believed to be safe. Big wins by favorites are rare. The players are spared and no longer play at the limit, while the top stars are often even taken off the field. With a handicap bet, the bettor can sit back and relax and watch the whole thing, because due to the theoretical advantage, even a lost match with a small goal difference can mean a bet slip won. Although the odds for handicap bets are a little smaller, they convince with significantly higher chances of winning.

In which sports are outsider bets particularly interesting?

There is no such thing as one real sport. In principle, individual sports are particularly suitable for this type of bet. If the favorite is having a bad day here, then there is no team in the background that can compensate for the reduced performance. Take equestrian sports, for example: a tiny inattentiveness during the first jump can mean that the top favorite is eliminated from the tournament. Ultimately, the choice of sport on which the bet is to be placed depends entirely on the taste of the weather.

How can you find out about the current Inform the form of the outsider?

Good betting providers offer detailed information, including the latest results and the current form curves. Not only should general tendencies and statistics be taken into account, but also the relationship between the underdog and the favorite. Most clubs or athletes have certain preferences, but also certain feared opponents, and a psychological advantage can quickly lead to victory.

Is live betting suitable for tips on underdogs?

In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlive betting, there is a very lucrative betting option for tips on outsiders, the so-called remaining time bet. With this type of bet, the score is set to 0 when the bet is placed. What counts is only the final score of the remaining time. The actual outcome of the match does not matter. We know from experience that a favorite who is in the lead can down a gear and so the underdog can score more goals or points after a certain playing time.