What does the future look like for Qlikview developers

With QlikView, large amounts of data from different sources can be merged, analyzed and graphically evaluated.

Regardless of whether it is about SAP, Excel, web or server data: the business discovery platform QlikView offers users a fascinatingly simple and particularly ergonomic interface for professional analysis and charming reporting.

QlikView is one of the best and the most popular visualization and BI tools worldwide.
QlikView inspires: whoever has worked with QlikView becomes an advocate.
More than 26,000 customers in over 100 countries use QlikView.

QlikView is often used as an independent BI solution or as an expanding tool within existing BI and controlling systems, for example QlikView ideally complements existing ERP, CRM, FIBU, eCommerce and other data systems to perfection.


At QlikView, the focus is on the user, his satisfaction and the task he has to do:

  • Recognize trends, Find information and discover patterns that enable well-founded decisions: QlikView provides dashboards, reports, tables, graphics, numbers, symbols and much more so that relationships are quickly and transparently visible.
  • Self-service BI: Formulate questions and independently search for answers in all available data; programming-free, fast and reliable.
  • In-memory technology: Even huge amounts of data are processed and analyzed in real time with QlikView.
  • The graphical user interface can be easily and quickly adapted to changed requirements or scenarios: the high level of integration of mouse actions and the use of wizards enable professional results without programming knowledge.
  • All over: on the local PC, in the web browser, on the smartphone, in PowerPoint or via PDF in an email, QlikView is available to all users everywhere in the same quality, and "out-of-the-box".
  • QlikView is economical: The cost-effective entry in combination with the security of thousands of excellent references reduce the project risk to a minimum and guarantee a high level of investment protection.
  • Marketing, controlling, sales, purchasing, management: QlikView can be used in all areas of the company and, thanks to its well thought-out scalability, can be distributed as required and progressed.
  • End user do not require any training to work with QlikView. Various standardized training courses are available for advanced developers and designers in the specialist departments. The simple concept is called Natural Analytics.

Not to be underestimated when answering the question of why QlikView is so successful is that "I want it" factor: QlikView enjoys a very high level of user satisfaction and loyalty. Introducing and rolling out QlikView is a very pleasant thing for anyone responsible for a project.



Service and support for QlikView projects are manageable: an average implementation project needs about 8-12 performance days. Most QlikView users quickly switch to expanding the analysis and reporting infrastructure on their own once they have had their first experience with a consultant in the background.

The manufacturer QlikTech, based in Radnor (USA), is among the top 3 of the Forbes' list of the 25 fastest growing technology companies in America, alongside Apple and LinkedIn.
QlikTech can look back on more than 20 years of success, and although the QlikView product has of course evolved significantly to this day, the makers still remain true to their basic motto: The mission of QlikView is to make decisions easier; for everyone and at any time.

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