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Zenkit Hypernotes

Our features that make you fast, productive and happy.


The Zenkit To Do inbox is the first port of call for all of your tasks. You can then decide whether and to which list you want to move them.

Smart lists

In addition to the actual lists in which you can manage tasks, we provide you with “intelligent lists” of tasks according to criteria such as “Today”, “Assigned to me”, “Important”, etc. For a plus in overview.

Due dates and reminders

Add due dates to your tasks. Zenkit To Do reminds you of upcoming appointments and due deadlines via push notification.

Share tasks

Share your tasks, lists and folders with your team, friends or family members.


Exchange ideas with your team using the comment function. Use the @mention function to keep everyone involved up to date.

Recurring tasks

Create recurring tasks for regularly recurring appointments and to-dos and determine the appropriate time interval.

Sub-tasks & checklists

Divide your tasks into manageable subtasks. You can easily tick off completed milestones. This provides an overview and motivates.

Sort function

Sort your lists by title, due date, creation date or responsible team member. With just a few clicks, tasks can be quickly and easily placed at the top of the list.


Use rich text formatting like HTML or Markdown in the task descriptions to make your words as expressive as possible.

Push notifications

Push notifications keep you informed of the latest changes in your tasks, notifications and all other activities in your lists.

Quick add

The “+” button allows you to create tasks directly from the overview page and to add reminders, attachments and assignments.

Important tasks

You can understand any task with a star. All tasks marked in this way can be found in the intelligent list “Important”.

Wonderful background motifs

We want you to feel at home in Zenkit To Do. Embellish your lists with various background designs designed for you.

Offline support

You can use Zenkit To Do without an internet connection. So you can continue working on your tasks even on the train or plane.

File attachments

Add PDF files, graphics, photos and other attachments to your tasks. You can also easily import your Dropbox, Box and Google Drive files into Zenkit To Do. This way you always keep all important information in one place.

Search function

Are you looking for a very specific task? Use the global search function to find them in your current or archived lists.

Cross-platform work

Access your tasks from any device. Zenkit To Do is available as a web app and on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Night mode

Turn on night mode to reduce eye strain in dim lighting. Your motifs and backgrounds change accordingly automatically.

User roles

Manage access rights in your lists and decide who can read, edit and comment on your tasks.

Enterprise Ready

Create organizations, groups and user roles within your folders. SAML-based SSO and provision via SCIM enables uncomplicated integration. Always keep an eye on the progress and activities of your employees.

iCal support

Available Soon